Nichole Zamora

On April 24th Casually Dreaming was proud to present Cancer Sucks 1st Annual Show! This was more than your average motorcycle/ car show! This show was originally created to honor “Robert Mendoza”, a man who lost his battle to cancer on March 17, 2021; we wanted to raise funds to assist the family in a difficult time. While planning this event, so much more came out of it for our community!

 All the details in this show were geared to reach all those that cancer can affect. It started with the judges; instead of “People’s Choice” awards, we had “Survivors Choice” awards. Our youngest survivor was 19, Jenna from Logandale! We honored those that have battled cancer & won. We wanted to recognize them & let them know that we, as a community, are proud of them for the battle they faced & survived! Then it went to the dash plaques, every participant at the show represented a different type of cancer! Every plaque displayed a different type of cancer to raise awareness, the color of the ribbon, the month that type of cancer is recognized along with a fact the public might not even know about.  Then the heartwarming portion of the show – they say there is power in numbers when praying, which is why we did group prayer for those still battling cancer & a balloon release for those that have lost their battle to cancer. The community was urged to bring photos for our memory & strength board as well.

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Casually Dreaming is an organization I am creating with the motto “Trying to change the world, one smile at a time”! I will create a bridge from barriers in the community such as Homeless Youth, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence & at-Risk Youth to the appropriate community partners. We will also participate in advocating for those who feel they do not have a voice, fundraising for families in tough situations and providing mentoring to create a better future for our community!

I am honored to have strong community partners that support my motto & are willing to travel this path with me to do all that they can to be a part of this movement! Together we can make a difference; Special thanks to Full Throttle Law, Anthem BCBS Medicaid & So. Nevada Confederation of Clubs for your continuous support as well as the MC community!