Hello, my name is Mack Mone who created Real Riders & Events (RR&E).  This group was created to be a safe space for riders of any race, color, and gender to come together without judgement.  

For more than 4 years, Real Riders & Events has consistently hosted a Sunday ride.  It continues to grow every weekend and attract riders that want to experience the passion of riding with experienced riders willing to share their knowledge on how to grow and gain valuable information on how to have more fun and stay alive in the streets of Vegas.  Our purpose is to bring riders together for fun, fast paced rides, to pay it forward and help others, for FREE, to become better riders.    

Supporting the community in general along with many charity events has always an important value, main goal and focus.  Our annual “Farm Ride” has raised awareness around this special Non-profit and helped raise thousands of dollars to support Barn Buddies Rescue.  We accomplish this goal thru participation and networking.  We use our voice for good in the Las Vegas area to promote safe riding and encourage folks to attend riding classes, clinics and workshops.    

Dazzlin Full Throttle Law and Mack from RR&E

We believe riders need to take personal responsibility to get better on their motorcycles.  Especially if you intend to go on group rides.  Pack riding is a special skill set when chopping it up on the freeway in Las Vegas as well as these streets.  We offer individual support and coaching as our way of helping riders get better at this extreme sport. 

We are supported from many biker businesses and charities such as Real 4 Life Motoring, Full Throttle Law and BikerDown Las Vegas.    They have helped this group in so many ways and we do all that we can to pay it forward.

In June and July 2021, we plan on hosting rider safety and awareness rides to help riders become more adjusted to tourists and heavy traffic on the roads again.  This is a real concern for riders and each of us need to be thinking about how to stay alive on two wheels. 

Real Riders welcome you to come out and join us for a ride.   If you are new to Las Vegas or traveling thru and have time for a Sunday spin around, get on our Facebook page by clicking here, and come meet up with us.   You will find the details of the upcoming Sunday on our page.  We promise you will make new friends and memories on the asphalt.