By Laurie Montoya

The key to reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclist is education.  There is a growing number of safety classes that riders can take to prevent a motorcycle accident all are much needed given the rise in motorcycle accidents in Las Vegas.

But what about after a bike accident? Riders also need the skills and education to know how render proper trauma aid to the injured rider.  There is a gap in time of 5-30 minutes or longer before an ambulance arrives.  Are you ready or prepared to help another rider in their time of need?  Besides CPR, do you have the skills to safely get that rider off the road, or safely remove his helmet to start CPR? 

Classes are Saturday July 31st and Sunday August 1st click on the dates to Register

BikerDown Las Vegas is working with Full Throttle Law to host another series of Accident Scene Management for the Motorcyclist classes in Las Vegas on July 31st and August 1st.  These classes are normally $85.00 for the 1 days class but BikerDown Las Vegas is able to discount this class to $50.00 to make it more affordable to riders.

This Bystander Assistance Program (BAP) is a one-day community education program directed toward motorcycle riders and passers-by. The concept of the program is to teach specific trauma response related to the assessment and treatment of the injured rider as well as how to safely administer care. These classes are full day courses that will cover the beginner basics

This course will provide the participant with a heightened awareness of:

  • Safety Factors
  • Securing the Crash Scene
  • Mechanisms of Injury
  • Effectively Accessing the EMS
  • Assessment Treatment Techniques
  • Common Injuries Associated with the Injured Rider
  • Preservation of the Crash Scene from a Legal Standpoint
  • Protecting yourself legally & financially

Space is limited for these classes so get your reservation in today!  Contact or for further information.

ASMI Instructors, Full Throttle Law and BikerDown Las Vegas stand proudly after completing another Basic class