One of the things that has been a very hot topic in Washington,D.C. is impaired driving.

There has been an infrastructure bill introduced, H.R.3684, that addresses this issue. A section in this bill requires vehicles built after 2026 to be equipped with a passive DUI detection system. There is also a movement to drop the BAC (blood alcohol content) limit to .05 or less FOR MOTORCYCLISTS, with one state discussing some sort of CDL system( not sure exactly what that entails– yet) which is .02 and only one chance.

At the recent NCOM Convention, 11 motorcycle rights activists representing the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and 4 motorcycle clubs held a closed-door meeting to discuss differences and focus on common goals. Goals agreed upon: Profiling, Right to Repair, Renewable Fuels, Autonomous Vehicles, Emission Regulations, Definition of a Motorcycle, Crash Avoidance, and support of Senate Bill SB202- the Internal Combustion Bill of Rights. The words of the NCOM event program summed up the commitment of all present: “forging relationships and fostering communications to present a united front against our common enemies and in support of common ground”. Working together gets things done.

Since 2014, a representative for motorcycle clubs on the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Board of Directors was recognized as the official “Club Dude.” Russel Radke has been a staunch and forceful advocate for bikers’ rights and is the VP for Soldiers For Jesus. In August, because of his dedication, he will be inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame. Thank you to Russell for fighting for all of us for years.

The MRF’s MEETING OF THE MINDS will be September 21-24 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If you haven’t put in your reservation yet—Git ‘er Done!!!! See ya in down the road,


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