Laurie Montoya, President of BikerDown Foundation

If you go DOWN…We step UP!

Our biker community struggles to keep our bikes on the road and safely home each night after a glorious ride.  Nationwide, motorcycle riders are being hit, injured, and killed at the hands of some form of distracted driving.  Motorcycle accidents/fatalities are up again this year, from the pandemic years when riders had more time to ride.  These accidents leave victims and families struggling to figure out how they will survive during recovery. 

The hospital will release an accident victim between surgeries, leaving the families to navigate how they will care for this injured rider at home.   Medical equipment is one of the most vital resources BikerDown Foundation can give a family.  We ship wheelchairs and other medical needs nationwide thanks to a program negotiated with Amazon.

BikerDown is a 501c3 nonprofit funded and supported by sponsors and our riding community.  This week, President Laurie Montoya received a phone call from the Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club in Denver, Colorado.  One of the members stated that he had a gently used electric hospital bed that he would like to donate to BikerDown Colorado. 

This motorcycle club GIVES BACK to the biker community with prayer, ministry, and support.  In 2020, Soldiers for Jesus participated in our custom wheelchair competition, taking home the 1st place trophy with the all-yellow customized wheelchair.

This bed will be put together and held for a rider that we have currently hospitalized and will need long-term home care.  This hospital bed will make all the difference to this family to give comfort and care to this rider.   

President, Laurie Montoya, said that these types of donations are so vital to the success of helping injured riders after an accident. We cannot help the overwhelming number of injured riders without the help of the local biker community.

If you know of someone injured in a motorcycle accident, we ask that you send them to our website and fill out a Help Request; we usually respond within 24-48 hours and do a thorough intake. 

Our biker advocates have over 12 years of experience helping injured riders and have extensive experience giving families financial strategies to help them thru recovery.   

If you want to donate and help BikerDown maintain our Accident Fund, we ask that you click on this Donation link.  100% of your donation goes into our accident fund.  Our corporate sponsors cover our overhead and administrative costs to ensure 100% of your contributions are used to help injured riders.