BikerDown Foundation is in our 11th year of Adopting Families for the Holidays program.  The program is a time-honored tradition in the Colorado and Nevada motorcycle community.    This program started 11 years ago with the sole goal of helping 2 biker families that that had lost their loved one due to a motorcycle fatality.  While we knew we couldn’t replace the loss they were feeling, we could ensure that the family wasn’t alone and that the children had Christmas under the tree.  WATCH OUR VIDEO:  

We never envisioned that this random act of kindness would grow into a program that donors such as Walmart, King Soopers/Smiths, Angie’s List and Rider Justice would become so actively involved.   The grass roots fundraising from local small businesses and club/organizations each year, has always enabled us to meet or exceed our goals and make sure all of our families had what they needed. To date, our organization has worked with local charities such as Hope House of Colorado, Denver Rescue Mission, Joshua Station, Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Hospital of Colorado to find vetted families in need of help, love and kindness.  Executive Director, Laurie Montoya said. “Our donors give from their hearts, and they have the unique opportunity to meet and interact with their adopted families at our Dinner with Santa, where they get to see their donations at work.  It warms the donors heart to see the love and appreciation from the kids and mothers/fathers.  Each year our motto is NO-ONE WILL GO HUNGRY and SANTA DIDN’T LOSE OUR ADDRESS The Colorado Adopt-a-Family program has helped over 1,000 families in 11 years, and the need for families in the Denver and surrounding areas continues to grow even after the pandemic and continued cost of living increases.   In 2022, our program is seeing that families aren’t yet fully recovered, they are struggling to just be able to provide the basic minimum, and put gas in their cars.

As we enter the holiday season many of us begin to feel joy and excitement as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, for many families in our community, they begin to WORRY about how they are going to make their children’s Christmas wishes would come true.

This year the Adopt-a-Family program is going back to our grass roots and have budgeted for 50 families in Colorado and 25 families in Nevada to ensure that we meet our goal of fundraising.  Our program will keep a waiting list of additional families seeking adoption.  We see this as a challenging year for all families, but also for donors and we recognize that.   If you would like to Adopt-A-Family you can go to our fundraising page, and give whatever you can afford, not donation BIG or SMALL would be refused and it all ADDS UP! If you would like to MEET and CHOOSE your family, you can go to

Colorado Adoption Page

Nevada Adoption Page

Each adopted family this year for 2022, will receive a $275 Walmart gift card and a food gift card from King Soopers/Smiths or Walmart to provide food for the holidays.   Adopt-A-Family has a direct line to Santa Claus and he always comes to visit the children and bring some gifts for them.

This year we are on an aggressive fundraising effort to help over 75 families, but we need your help, if you would like to Donate to our program please visit our website at  This website is also where we ask all families to request adoption.