Earlier this year, BikerDown National had the distinct pleasure of attending the Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. This was such a wonderful opportunity to meet Combat Veterans from all over the country and introduce them to BikerDown Foundation and our mission to help injured motorcycle riders all over the country.

After the event was over, we were informed that a Combat Vet from Illinois had tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident at that event. BikerDown went right into action and donated an Ammo motorcycle urn to honor his fallen veteran.

That random act of kindness gave BikerDown the privilege and honor to then network with the North Carolina CVMA NC 15-6 “Triangle Chapter”. They wanted to find a way to provide their members and chapters in North Carolina with the BikerDown Trauma kits that they had seen at the national convention. Commander Al “Scorch” Seglund had orders for 51 trauma kits.

We reached out to our motorcycle law firms in that area thru the National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers and The Justin Lovely Law Firm reached out to BikerDown Foundation stating that they would like to donate all 51 trauma kits.

Friday, November 11th was Veteran’s Day, and we informed the CVMA NC 15-6 chapter that 51 trauma kits were being donated by this motorcycle law firm on Veterans Day to thank them for their service to this country.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of Karl Truman from Louisville, Kentucky. Karl “The Colonel” Truman is a retired Army officer, who appreciates the sacrifices of our troops, and does everything in his power to support and honor those who have fought for American freedoms. Karl sponsored BikerDown to attend the Combat Veteran National Convention and without his support, none of this would have transpired.

It is important in your time of need after a motorcycle accident that you find a real motorcycle law firm that will help you navigate your recovery and possible personal injury lawsuit. These 2 law firms are TRUE motorcycle law firms that care about the biker community and support us without asking for anything in return. They just want you safe on the road.

These law firms and all of our vetted motorcycle law firm lawyers also sponsor the Road Guardians Accident Scene Management class that gives riders the skills to render proper first aid in the event of an accident.


Click here to see our resource page

Click here to see our resource page


If you have any interest in obtaining a BikerDown Trauma kit, please click here, they retail for a $50 donation to BikerDown Foundation that helps injured motorcycle riders.