By: Lawrence Stotts – Motorcycle Safety Lawyer®

What an amazing day it has been. Here is a story that will warm your heart. Angelina, one of the many talented painters of the Kirsh Helmets that are to be auctioned this year and next year for Curing Kids Cancer, stepped up to the podium and spoke from her heart on how important this project was to her, the children she takes care of daily at the hospital and how someone could win this helmet at the auction and save a Child’s life.

Of course, the auctioneer started the bid at $25,000.00, went down to 10, then five, then three. The room was quiet, then there was a bid for three, then five, then six, then seven thousand dollars. The gavel went down. The room was excited, tears in the spectators’ eyes. As Angelina turned to come down the stairs to give the winner the helmet, that auctioneer said. “Hold it”.. the room is silent, he says the winner wants to donate the helmet back so that I will open the bid at $6000.00, and again the gavel goes down. Sold, the auctioneer says, but again the helmet is donated back.

The auctioneer says do I have a bid of $5000.00 dollars, and again the gavel strikes to finalize the bid, $18,000.00 is the final for all bids to Curing Kids Cancer. There is not a dry eye in the house.

Angelina delivers the helmet to the winner. Hugs and handshakes to all of the bidders, and when everyone walks back to the booth, everyone is notified that a donor donated $7,000.00 to help ensure that $25,000.00 was raised for this helmet. That is exactly the cost of the treatment that will save a Child’s life.

God bless every one of the many talented artists that have designed a helmet. Thank you to Donnie DeVito of Kirsh Helmets for the helmets, David Shuman of Motorcycle Safety Lawyers®, and Mario Crim of Knuckle Busters Podcast for sponsoring and helping make this event such a huge success.

The entire team at Curing Kids Cancer works around the clock to make all this happen and help save these children’s lives.

The entire Mecum Family. God Bless You all for supporting Curing Kids Cancer..

Angelina’s faith brought us together. A love and passion for helping children and making a difference in others’ lives is what makes us such a unique team. Thank you for being who you are, never change; know we are always here for you.

Larry Stotts, Motorcycle Safety Lawyers®