“I grew up playing Punch Buggy or Slug Bug, punching my sibling every time we spotted a VW bug,” says Scott O’Sullivan, founder of Rider Justice and owner of The O’Sullivan Law Firm. “I’ve always wanted to create a game for kids that raised awareness of motorcyclists and even bicyclists on the road.”

Thanks to Scott’s inspiration, Rider Up! was born in May 2019 and was launched during Motorcycle Awareness Month to much fanfare. Scott and Laurie Montoya, founder of BikerDown, were interviewed live on KDVR Channel 2 and the video went viral on social media.

Rider UP! challenges car passengers to be the first to spot a motorcyclist and yell its location in relation to the car. “Rider LEFT! Rider RIGHT! Rider BACK! Rider UP!” The player who spots and yells first is the winner.

“Our goal is for this game to become as widespread as Slug Bug,” says O’Sullivan. “If we can train the next generation of drivers to look with intention for motorcyclists on the road, we will absolutely save lives, which is at the heart of the Rider Justice mission.”

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