By: Chomper Montoya

If you are a motorcycle rider who visits Dirty Dogs Roadhouse as much as I do, you surely have to agree that the continued transformation of Dirty Dogs is nothing short of miraculous. Last weekend over Memorial Day weekend, I watched as Mark, Rob and the DD team transformed our local biker bar into a concert venue the likes of which this community hasn’t seen here in Denver at the biker bar level.

For weeks, we all had been waiting in anticipation for Molly Hatchett to play on the new Rider Justice music stage that was just built. I kept wondering how Mark & Rob are going to pull this one off. How is the City of Golden and the RV residents not going to have a fit, and find a way to put the hammer down on this type of event?

A few months ago, Mark and Rob closed on the land deal above Dirty Dogs for parking of cars, then a couple weeks ago, I saw on Facebook that Mark and Rob were buying these buses, and I kept thinking what are they going to do with this. I don’t want to say that they were crazy, but I couldn’t see the VISION.

On May 26th Molly Hatchet rocked it, it was standing room only and one of the most comfortable outdoor events I have attended in a long time.

Dirty Dogs Roadhouse showed the patrons and community, that they had a plan all along. The plan was to create an outdoor venue that could bring in A+ entertainment, and not lose its style and biker flair and they did not disappoint. It goes without saying that it takes a creative team of people to put on this type of event. A special thank you to Dean Gary for assisting Mark & Rob on getting us such great entertainment and to Scott O’Sullivan from Rider Justice for also helping behind the scene. I believe DD will continue to bring more entertainment of this caliber to Golden and the Rider Justice stage.