It goes without saying this month, that May is when riders really start riding regularly. The cold subsides and here in Colorado our daily sunshine is an aphrodisiac to a motorcycle rider.

Laurie Montoya

Before you get on your bike for the season, we hope riders will do their pre-check maintenance and will ride defensively. We must make sure that we are prepared in the event of an accident or collision. This month we have dedicated this issue to motorcycle awareness and we are pleased to have added some great additional articles to help riders get ready for the riding season.

Scott O’Sullivan – Riders know that It’s not IF a rider will go down, IT’S WHEN. Colorado Rider News and BikerDown work closely with The O’Sullivan Law Firm because we have seen, first hand, this firm’s passion to help an injured rider and to do all they can to get a family all that they are entitled to after an accident. Every law firm on television now says that help injured motorcycle riders. The reason so many law firms are getting on this band wagon is because the injuries sustained by a motorcycle accident are usually so much more severe than a car accident. My point is that when you have incurred this type of accident/injury, you need a law firm that is devoted to motorcycle accidents.

Look Twice Save a Life – SAVE THE DATE, May 12th – Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson. This is the most important ride of the year. Riders want to help the vast number of charities that have rides but NONE of those charities give anything back to the riding community. 100% of what is raised at this event goes into the BikerDown Accident Fund. All participants will receive a FREE 1-year membership to BikerDown and each pre-registered rider will receive a “Not Your Roadkill” t-shirt. In 2015, BikerDown received a Proclamation from the Governor designating May Motorcycle Awareness Month for hosting this ride and raising awareness. If you haven’t attended the Look Twice Ride, come support this event and see what BikerDown is about.

Peak Honda – There is a new dealership in town for Honda riders and they are hitting the ground running. They are working with groups and organizations to sponsor events and give riders a place to train and learn more about motorcycle safety. We are so proud to have this new dealership featured in our publication.

Military Brotherhood Radio – Joel Hunt is taking to the airway/podcast world with a new radio show focused on Veterans and the services available to veterans. Joel knows what it is like to need Veteran Affairs and he is giving a voice to the struggles that Veterans are experiencing and to give them additional options.

Observations of a One-Legged Biker – This is Dennis’ second piece for Colorado Rider News and we are happy to have him. He gives our readers a first-hand account of what it is like to experience a motorcycle accident and an account of what charities were there to help him.

Custom Taylor33 – New Product Review – Each month Colorado Rider News’ searches out products that are new, safety related, and innovative. This month we have chosen Custom Taylor’s Reflective Rim Tape.

Noise Ordinance – The Town of Morrison is following in the footsteps of Golden Colorado by imitating a noise ordinance and it will be interesting to see whether the riders of this community support this ordinance or choose to take their revenue elsewhere.

Legislative Updates – Everyday issues important to riders is being debated and discussed at the State Capital. We welcome this month ABATE of Colorado and CORD (Coloradans Organized for Responsible Driving). These 2 organizations work closely with representatives at the State Capital to make sure your voice is heard at the grass roots level.

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