By: Stump, Legislative Affairs Officer – ABATE of Colorado


The 2nd Session of the 71st Colorado General Assembly ended on Wednesday, May 9th. There weren’t any bills of direct concern to motorcyclists this session, but I hope I made some progress for next year. I couldn’t get any sponsors for our concerns: Anti-Profiling; Red-Light Bill; Lane- Splitting; or Autocycles. The Legislators I talked to support our issues but wouldn’t sponsor any bills. I think I’ll have better luck next year because of the connections I made this year and insights I gained on some Legislators.

Here is a quick summary of the Colorado Legislative Session:

The Senate introduced 280 bills and 31 various resolutions and memorials. The House introduced 441 bills and 32 resolutions and memorials. The bills are categorized into 29 different “issues.” The top categories for bills this year were:


  • Health Care / Public Health / Human Services      59
  • State and Local Government                                       41
  • Crimes, Corrections and Enforcement                       36
  • Education                                                                        33
  • Liquor, Tobacco and Marijuana                                   23
  • Transportation                                                                22


  • Health Care / Public Health / Human Services      100
  • State and Local Government                                       100
  • Education                                                                          54
  • Crimes, Corrections and Enforcement                        48
  • Fiscal Policy and Taxes                                                  34
  • Transportation                                                                  22

Note: 1/3 of all the bills introduced are “corrections” to previous bills! There seemed to be a lot of conference/concurrence committee meetings this year – (disagreement?).



  • Passed                                     179
  • PI In 1st Chamber                    67
  • PI in 2nd Chamber                  36
  • Lost (killed in Chambers)        6
  • Left open                                    1


  • Passed                                     268
  • PI In 1st Chamber                    76
  • PI in 2nd Chamber                  90
  • Lost (killed in Chambers)        4
  • Left open                                    3

So, that’s a quick look at the numbers. Now, the real work begins – elections are coming up with the primaries next month and the general election in November. More on all this later.

I’m sending this from Washington, D.C. as I’m here for Bikers Inside the Beltway, a National Motorcycle Lobby Day sponsored by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF). I’ll be advocating on the following 4 concerns: changing the Renewable Fuel Standards; passing the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (RPM Act); passing the Motorcycle Anti- Profiling Resolutions; passing the AV START Act (Autonomous Vehicles). There will be 150 or more leather-clad bikers, from all over the country, roaming the Congressional halls letting our U.S. Legislators know about our concerns.

Learn more about the MRF at and join the fight for our freedoms to ride the way we want to. Sometimes in life you must step up to the plate or get “stepped-on.”