By: Heavn

Rebel Queenz was founded in March 2016. We are organization dedicated to the advancement of sisterhood and community development.  We accomplish these goals through community service, social and fundraising events, and networking with other community organizations and businesses.

Our group is comprised of independent women who are headstrong mothers, daughters and wives. Women of strength who always give the best of ourselves. Our faith always remains intact, despite the obstacles we encounter. Our club is made of diverse group of women riders.  We set goals for ourselves personally as well as for the club and work hard to accomplish them.  Rebel Queenz always work together toward the accomplishment of our mission.

We live by a code of loyalty, honor and respect and a commitment to our sisters.  Family, jobs and safety must come first, but when it is time to play we women enjoy our riding and our commitment to be charitable.

Being in an all-women’s motorcycle club is not an easy task by far. Many said numerous times we would never last in the motorcycle world because it’s a man’s world and women belong in the back.  We have no issue with women who want to ride in the back, BUT… people fail to realize we are living in different times. Women riders are increasing at substantial numbers and their love for the freedom of the ride, riding cross country is becoming more frequent.  Women riders now can buy their own bikes and independent women groups and clubs are much more available to us.

Rebel Queenz believe that women can do damn near anything that a man can. Although we live the same lifestyle as the men do, we are not trying to be a man’s club. If anything women motorcycle clubs balance the men’s clubs out and we all live by the same rule… respect one another and live by the code!