There are some changes taking effect immediately that all riders need to be aware before riding thru the Town of Morrison. Morrison law enforcement will be following part of the Golden Police department’s concept. Cops will now be listening for “unreasonable” noise and then followed by observation of the exhaust system modifications, and evidence of an EPA stamp.

A March 30, 2018 letter was circulated by Chief of Police, George B. Mumma, Jr. and sent to the Town of Morrison Business Owners confirming this noise ordinance change.

The town is having new red and white noise ordinance signs installed on Hwy 8, Hwy 74, Hwy 93 and at the entrance to the town by the Phillips 66 station. As of the date we went to press, they will also be posting digital sign boards on Hwy 93, 74 and at the entrance to town encouraging motorcycles and hot rods to idle through town.

If that isn’t bad enough, don’t be surprised if you come out of frequenting a local restaurant to find that law enforcement has put a flyer on your bike.

The fine is $200.00 for the first offence followed by a $400.00 find and court appearance for the 2nd.

The town of Morrison is a frequented starting/ending point for our riding community and it is unclear what impact this will have on riders deciding to frequent Morrison.   Over the years, the riding community has chosen to go around the City of Golden and take their revenue to other towns that welcome riders.  Will this be the same in Morrison?

Only time will tell how this will affect the town of Morrison and our riding community.