By: Chomper Montoya

Colorado Rider News believes in motorcycle awareness and believe there are things that riders can do to make themselves more visible at night.

I would like to introduce you to CustomTaylor33, a reflective wheel tape company started in 2011.  This company was founded because the owner who was unhappy with every rim tape that he had tried on his motorcycle. None of the rim tapes he tried were very reflective, durable, or easy to put on. After countless hours, many trial and errors, and experimenting with all different kinds of materials, the customTAYLOR33 reflective rim tape was created.

Motorcycle awareness is so important to riders and this reflective wheel tape at night will light up the road and let the cars/trucks SEE YOU. The rim tapes are extremely easy to apply, fitted to your exact rim size (instead of one size fits all), and made from the highest-grade reflective quality materials and adhesive.  I spent a few hours on YouTube researching what real riders had to say and I was amazed at the ease of installation. I spoke to the owner and waited patiently for my reflective tape to arrive. After installing the reflective tape on my wife’s bike, I truly believe this reflective rim tape could make a small difference between preventing a crash and saving a life.

CustomTaylor33 has expanded their line of products to not only include rim tapes but also custom-made decals out of the same reflective materials for helmets. All their products are manufactured in-house and MADE IN THE USA to ensure that they meet the highest level of standards. The decals are more than just stickers. They reflect a customers’ unique personalities, spirit, and character.

This company shares the same passion for anything on wheels and made the price point extremely affordable (Average $33.99 on Amazon) and a great alternative to putting LED lighting all over your bike. This company has succeeded primarily thru online sales as I have never seen it in dealerships here in Colorado.

I would highly recommend riders try this reflective wheel tape and let us know your experience.

CustomTaylor33 has donated 8 sets of this wheel tape to BikerDown’s May 12th Look Twice Save a Life Ride.