Insurance is so important in Las Vegas because too many drivers are driving distracted, have no insurance themselves, and, sadly, too often drive impaired.

It seems like every day, we have a motorcycle rider going down or killed.

This article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows that Las Vegas insurance rates are one of the highest in the nation.

WHY DO I POST THIS? Because this is why it is so important THAT BIKERS HAVE PROPER INSURANCE (uninsured motorist coverage). This is the answer.

In the event of an accident, the driver will likely have NO INSURANCE or the most basic minimum. There is no recovery for an injured rider if YOU don’t have full bike coverage, including underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, medical insurance, and even some type of accident coverage to give you the resources you need to recover after an accident.

The average car insurance cost in Las Vegas, Nevada, is $2,697 per year, according to 2022 data. This is $674 more than the average auto insurance cost in Nevada and $1015 more than the national average, as analyzed by

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Here is the article to read by the Las Vegas Review-Journal – click here