By Bear, Colorado MRF Representative

Fellow MC riders,   If any of you travel around the country, you have probably run in to states that sell E-15 gas. Some states have pumps that are very confusing to decipher, to figure out what gas to put in your bikes’ tanks. A few states even label their E-15 as UNLEADED 88.

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Since the use of E-15 can destroy your bikes engine, a bill has been introduced in Congress, in D.C., by Representative Scott from Georgia and Representative Frankel from Florida. H.R.7731 is the “CONSUMER PROTECTION and TRANSPERENCY ACT of 2022”. H.R.7731 requires more detailed labeling at pumps that dispense E-15 gas. 3 in 5 consumers mistakenly believe E-15 is safe for all their vehicles engines, but in truth, E-15 is very destructive to motorcycles, boats, pre-2001 vehicles, and outdoor power equipment. Your MOTORCYCLE RIDERS FOUNDATION(MRF) is monitoring this bill as it works its way through Congress. 

On August 10, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the biker’s organization that works tirelessly to ensure our right to ride free, was inducted into the prestigious Sturgis Motorcycle FREEDOM FIGHTERS HALL OF FAME. Many individuals from the MRF have been inducted over the years, but now the MRF has been enshrined as a FREEDOM FIGHTER organization. 

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Every year the MRF holds a meeting titled “THE MEETING OF THE MINDS”. This MOTM is a gathering of individuals from many states to discuss what is happening regarding motorcycle issues from across the country, and beyond our borders. The meeting moves to a different state every year. This years’ MOTM will be held in Des Moines, IA., September 22-25. (Just a 1 day ride from Colorado!!). If you have an interest in helping preserve our motorcycling way of life, come to Des Moines to meet people working tirelessly for ALL our MC rights. Go to to learn more, or contact me, as your CO STATE REPRESENTATIVE, for more info. Seriously consider joining the MRF and help us fight for your right to ride. 

See ya on down the road,   

Dale “Bear” Meade
SMRO: ABATE of Colorado
Phone: (303) 833-4361