Sturgis has been widely been thought of as a playground for bikers and Glencoe Campground has long been called a place at Sturgis where you can get as wild as you want on what they proudly refer to as Titty Alley.

On Tuesday night August 9th a camper noticed 2 children at the infamous Titty Alley street at Glencoe campground in Sturgis and knew that something was wrong. “You just don’t see kids in this kind of environment” the anonymous camper said. She reported it to Glencoe security who reported it to the Mead County Sheriff’s, who had already received the Amber Alert.

Two Canadian children were recovered in Meade County. The Meade County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media at 11:42 p.m. Mountain Time Tuesday that the children were safely recovered and the suspects were captured.

According to the post, the office, state Division of Criminal Investigation, state Highway Patrol and the Sturgis Police Department aided in the capture and recovery.

The state issued the Amber Alert at 11:05 p.m. Central Time Tuesday (10:05 p.m. Mountain Time) for 7-year-old Luna Potts and 8-year-old Hunter Potts. The suspect was listed as Benjamin Martin Moore, 50, in a 2015 dark blue Chevy Equinox with an Alberta, Canada plate. The alert came following a Saskatchewan, Canada, Amber alert, with the belief they were heading to South Dakota.

Meade County Sheriff Ron Merwin said Wednesday his office worked with DCI and Homeland Security to search Sturgis Motorcycle Rally campgrounds after the alert was issued.

He said the blue Chevrolet Equinox was located at the Glencoe Campground east of Sturgis. The suspects were also alerted to law enforcement closing in.

“They figured out about the same time as we located them, they located us,” Merwin said Wednesday. “They got to their car and were going to leave. … There was a traffic stop made and they were both taken into custody without incident.”

Titty Alley is no place for children and for consenting adults only. We commend the camper that had the thought process to SEE SOMETHING….and …. SAY SOMETHING.