Motorcycle Tower Michael Levy 

So I find it curious, and more than a little maddening… that when you see women PILOTING their OWN sport bikes… 97.9% of those women seem to be dressed from head to toe in all the right battle gear (dressed for the SLIDE and not just the ride).

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Yet it seems, when I see women on sportbikes as PASSENGERS, riding with young dudes… often times the most gear you see those female passengers wear… is often just a helmet (plus jeans or shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes). Why is that???

My sense is that women who pilot their OWN sportbikes, very much understand the risks of riding AND sliding. And as the result, most of these female sportbike pilots… dress for the street battle from head to toe… to mitigate the risks of their getting injured as much as possible.

Hence I think it’s beyond messed up for male sportbike riders to take their dates out on a motorcycle ride… without their dates wearing as much or MORE gear than the guy.

More often than not, the male sportbike rider understands the risks of riding and has a lot of the most important gear. But then oftentimes, the guy doesn’t have a set of smaller riding gear, for their often smaller passenger. So, what they’ll do is just give their lady friend a helmet… and call it “good”.

Just because you gave your lady friend a helmet… but didn’t provide her anything else (because you didn’t have any of the right sized gear)… is beyond reckless. In my NOT so humble opinion… unless you have a full set of motorcycle battle gear for your lady friend… then you have no business taking her out on the bike.

As a (hopefully seasoned) motorcycle rider… you hopefully understand most of the risks of riding without all the right gear. Often times your lady passenger friend, probably does not. I agree, it’s often fun AF to take a lady friend out on a motorcycle ride. It’s what most guys dreamed about when we were first getting our licenses. But I implore you guys… that if you’re wanting to take your lady friends on more motorcycle rides… round up more of the right gear. Better yet, invite your date to come over… so you can help her get dressed in all the right gear. Having your lady friend see that you care about keeping them as safe as possible… IS sexy AF. If you’re not doing that now… try it sometime! I welcome your feedback on this issue.

A BIKERDOWN NOTE: Also if you are taking a passenger on your bike, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PROPER INSURANCE TO COVER A PASSENGER! Nothing worse than a passenger on the back and there is an accident and a driver who caused an accident and bike driver doesn’t have any coverage to coverage a passenger.