Today, the International Motorcycle Show “IMS show” announced that it will be suspending their 2022 Outdoor show schedule to the surprise and disappointment of the motorcycle community.

For over 40 years, this show gave riders the opportunity to sit on brand-new bikes and see all OEM bike manufacturers in place. It was also a event, where you got to meet reps from the manufacturers accessories whether it was parts, helmets and much more. Attendees, got to see new products, ask questions. This is a very different type of show than a rally or bike fest, where the same products are available, but they are retail booths, and you can’t always get questions answered.

Many speculated that the COVID-19 health crisis that has taken a toll on manufacturers and dealerships, has now finally extended itself to motorcycle events. In past few years, the organization canceled its nationwide tour but returned in 2021 with the IMS Outdoors event. It was hopeful that the costs to put on that level of show would be less expensive and help in tough economic times that would help IMS forge forward.

It us unclear what the real reason was for their cancelation, but sources report that the manufacturers and premier sponsors couldn’t commit to a full 8 city tour schedule that is the primary revenue stream that funds the tour. It is believed that rising gas prices and staffing issues played a huge factor in the OEM’s decision to not commit to the full tour.

Also because of pandemic and rising convention center costs, the IMS show opted to try an outside setting and venues that would not be subject to future COVID indoor vaccine and mask mandates. The IMS Outdoors tour didn’t come without its own challenges, though. In August, 2021, organizers were forced to cancel the New York City stop due to a vaccine mandate imposed on public events of scale.

The first 2022 IMS Outdoors event was scheduled for June in Loveland, Colorado, when last week IMS officials announced privately to paid vendors the suspension of the 2022 tour. Today, In a press release, the organization cited the way “brands promote their products amidst the continued manufacturing and sourcing delays associated with the pandemic” as the main driver of the cancellation.

Motorcycle Rider News attended the 2022 American International Motorcycle Expo Trade Show in January 2022 in Las Vegas and noticed that dealers, exhibitors and attendees noticed that vendor attendance was down and that show had been downsized considerably.

The press release doesn’t expressly indicate whether the organization will cease operations, but our sources have indicated that staffers are looking for job and that for now, IMS will not be coming back in the foreseeable future. It would take a tremendous up shift in the economy, for IMS to bring this show back to the glory years.

IMS did, however, reassure ticket-purchasing customers and Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show registrants that they will receive a refund in the next seven days