President and Founder of BikerDown

Laurie Montoya, President and Founder of BikerDown Foundation

Motorcycle riders are being injured or fatally killed at epidemic numbers. Our riding community every day is hearing of someone that was killed or injured and struggling to keep things going. When anyone is in a vehicular accident and hit by someone, there will be injuries, recovery and your life will be turned upside down.

As the President and Founder of BikerDown Foundation, i hear stories every week of just how bad it was and how long an injured rider might be out of work. Their lives are turned upside down trying to figure out how they will get made whole and get their life back.

Not every motorcycle accident case requires the help of an experienced motorcycle lawyer. For example, you may able to handle it on your own if;/:

  • You are not injured
  • There is minor damage to your motorcycle
  • You caused the accident
  • No one else was involved in the accident.

However, if you or a family member were hurt in a motorcycle accident, hire a good motorcycle attorney sooner than later.

Hiring an attorney after an accident seems like the least favorable thing anyone wants to do or think about. Your family member is in a coma or going thru multiple surgeries, and you are more worried if they are going to live than dealing with the aftermath after the accident. However, there are so many things going on after an accident that it is imperative that someone in your family look out for you and protect your case. Hiring a real motorcycle attorney to help you navigate recovery is the #1 thing you should do and here are a few reasons why it will benefit you in the long run to secure a motorcycle attorney.

Insurance Companies wants to pay you less

It is a known fact that insurance company’s are not your friend, they tape record you and try to get your statement when you are stressed out and the more you say or talk to insurance companies, the more ammunition they have to try and pay you less. As an example, you could say we aren’t sure what happened, he might have taken a turn wrong, and then a few weeks later you find out that a driver came across the center line and hit the biker and then fled the scene. The insurance company can try to argue that you said it was rider error and therefore your uninsured motorist coverage doesn’t apply in this accident. When you have a motorcycle attorney on your side from Day 1, there are no conversations with insurance companies without your attorney present.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Injury Law Firm

  • Find a motorcycle attorney who is a trial attorney – most billboard and commercial attorneys make their money settling cases quickly or without going to trial and bearing those big expenses, they make their money on volume, which is why you see them 27 times on daytime TV. You want an attorney that isn’t afraid to fight to get you every penny that you deserve or are entitled to.
  • Motorcycle accident cases are very different from car accident cases and it is important for you that you have a lawyer in your city/state, that knows the laws in your state and has taken cases to trial in your state.
  • Ask your fellow riders who they used when they had their accident, you want someone who doesn’t just SAY they are a motorcycle attorney, you want someone who really REPRESENTS motorcycle riders after an accident.
  • You want an attorney that is invested in the biker community, a law firm that supports YOU the BIKER, and understands and supports the charities you care about. A billboard or commercial attorney that stands in front of a bike or adds a tab to their website isn’t a real motorcycle attorney. You want a motorcycle lawyer that comes to your events and speaks to you at other events and shows that they care about YOU!
  • You need a motorcycle attorney who is going to explain the process to you so you know what to expect. The stress of recovery makes a week seem like a month, and personal injury law can take time because they can’t really event begin to talk a settlement until the biker is completely healed. Insurance companies know that and will drag their feet to get you so desperate that you will take less for your case, just because you are trying to keep a roof over your head. Remember, the insurance companies DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!
  • You need a motorcycle attorney that will collect the evidence for you such as videos of the crash (many businesses have outside security cameras and might have captured the accident). Drivers and bikers have gopros on their bikes that might have captured the accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help examine your medical records because they are experienced at the types of injuries sustained by injured motorcycle riders and can give you an evaluation of what your case is worth
  • During the personal injury case, the insurance company might want to ask you questions or take what they call a deposition under oath. You never ever want to make any type of statements to the insurance company or the insurance defense lawyer without a motorcycle attorney by your side to object or explain questions.
  • A motorcycle attorney will be able to identify and understand your bike, the accessories and passion you have for riding. They don’t always have to be a rider, but a true motorcycle attorney that handles a larger percentage of motorcycle cases will be able to understand the value of your bike, paint and extra work you have done to it to get you the most value for it.
  • Prejudice against motorcycle riders is very common not only with drivers, but also the law enforcement officer who came on scene. The driver says he didn’t see the motorcycle rider, and there are times where the biker is automatically ticketed for reckless driving or excessive speed. A motorcycle attorney will be able to represent you in traffic court or guide you thru that process to fight the ticket and then help you with your claim against the driver.

Don’t Worry About the Cost of Hiring or Consulting with an Experienced Motorcycle Attorney

Many people worry that it is expensive to hire an attorney. However, it is important to know that it doesn’t cost as much as you think and most motorcycle attorneys provide:

  • Provide free consultations
  • Work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don’t pay your attorney hourly, but instead you pay a percentage of any damages you recover in a settlement or in court. If you lawyer can’t collect for you, you won’t owe him a fee for his services.
  • Help motorcycle accident victims get higher settlements or verdicts than they would on their own

I have spoken to thousands of injured riders over the years, and the one statement that always rings true, is that they don’t really realize HOW BAD IT IS, until they experience it themselves. We want all riders to get home SAFE, but we must also understand that Motorcycle Safety Begins with ME, and have the right insurance coverages so that you have all that you need, when you need it the most.

BikerDown Foundation works with the BEST of the BEST when it comes to motorcycle attorneys nationwide. We have vetted and interviewed them, and our experience with these types of accidents has given us the experience to recommend to you whom you should talk to in the event of an accident.

If you need the BEST motorcycle attorney, contact us via email by clicking here, or do a help request on our website I will call you personally and speak to you about your needs, and find you good legal representation.

We are heading into riding season and May is Motorcycle Awareness month, so ride safe out there and remember, IF YOU GO DOWN…..WE STEP UP!