Karen Pope has become the “Go-To” place to go for all of your sewing and alteration needs here in Vegas.  Karen started sewing about 13 years ago and discovered her passion for making it a business a little over 6 years.   Her business quickly began to boom.  She knew it was time to invest in another commercial machine and bring her sister Pat into what was now to be a family-owned business. 

Pat makes stunning custom vests, and they both custom line.   They are easy to work with and do expert-level alterations. 

Karen came to Las Vegas in 1994, chasing a romance that eventually went south.  But she later met her husband of today locally and have been together since 2006.   Karen loves to ride motorcycles but recently sold her bike.  She said, “Vegas drivers are crazyIt is just not as fun to ride in the city anymore, and my work keeps me so busy that traveling on my motorcycle lately has been difficult.” 

Karen and Pat support the riding community by donating their time, resources, and energy to events and charities.   For many local motorcycle clubs and organizations, they are used exclusively by their members.  She and Pat work out of their homes, providing a safe, intimate setting for folks. 

Bitchin’ Stitchin’s “bread and butter” is sewing patches on vests.  They sort of divide and concur by Pat more specializes in fabric and Karen the leatherwork.   Karen is not a fan of the fabric.  She likes to replace zippers and snaps and re-purpose vintage leather items into “new” things.  

In Karen’s free time, she loves to garden and play with her pups.  She has a green thumb except for squash.  She can’t seem to master growing that yet.  She has strawberries year-round and recently built a beautiful, raised garden, and looks forward to getting her spring plants going. 

You can make an appointment with Karen at (702) 427-2990 for the North Side and Pat at (702) 985-3582 for Southside convenience.   Congratulations on your recognition.