A delicious Biker Owner Business

By “Dazzlin” Shannon Venturo, Senior Motor-Journalist

Dillion Price, age 29, is also known in the culinary world as “Chef Dilly” or “Knuckles” in the Motorcycle community.  Knuckles loves everything about riding. He is the National Sgt at Arms with Infidel Riders MC.  His family support system includes his beautiful fiancé Ashley, 3 great kids, and his mom Marie. He says his family and club family have been a massive part of his journey.

Born and raised in Nevada, Knuckles has been riding dirt bikes since he was a very young boy and got his first street bike at age 16.  

“Knuckles” was in a horrible motorcycle accident and was hospitalized for over a year, going through 22 surgeries over the last couple of years.   Ultimately he lost his leg. Knuckles now rides a Harley Street Bob that has been custom modified by his Infidel Riders MC club brothers to shift it with his prosthetic leg.  “I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” said Knuckles.  “You are so much more than what you are going through.”

While in the hospital, he began to watch hours and hours of cooking shows and reality cooking shows.   He became intrigued about becoming a chef, competing, and one day even having his own restaurant. This was the start of how biker-owned and operated business Dillys Catering and his additional name of Chef Dilly, where Taste Meets Excellence!

Dillys Catering is a catering company and “pop-up restaurant” based out of Boulder City, Nevada. They have been up and running for almost 2 1/2 years. Knuckles said,  “I had a vision of starting my catering company while I was in the hospital watching different shows about restaurants, etc. Then, 22 surgeries later,  I was able to come out of the hospital and go after my dream of starting a business.”

Dilly’s strives for excellence with all of our orders for catering.  They cover a wide variety of food, from good old American barbecue to Japanese-American fusion.  When Knuckles/Chef Dilly is not out riding, he spends lots of his free time researching new recipes and throwing down in the kitchen.

Dilly’s catering will always support biker events and the community.  He also mentioned that  “We can work with practically any menu and budget.  Dilly’s offers drop-offs to full-service catering.  ” I want all bikers who have been in my situation or are currently in my situation to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that you do not need to give up now and if I can get through it, you can too!

I am here to support any biker that wants to do a similar thing with a biker-owned business.  I made mistakes, sometimes I nailed it, and other times I missed the mark, but you get up and try it again.  I am my own worst critic.  I want it to be perfect for you.” Said Chef.

Chef Dilly says three things that set his business apart from competitors. 

  • We strive for excellence every single time, no matter how small or big the order is. 
  • Dilly’s catering offers honest and fair prices, and we can work with basically any menu. 
  • Knuckles finished up by emphasizing, “It is essential that bikers support each other because, let’s face it, we don’t have a lot of support from outside our circle.  Some people do not understand the biker’s lifestyle or our hidden code of respect and morals.   So if we don’t support each other, who else will we have to show the world that bikers and motorcycle clubs are not what you see on tv or in movies.   

We are a strong community of people that care about our cities, our country, and the MC community.” 

You can reach Dilly’s Catering at +1 (702) 785-1757    As a frequent customer of Dilly’s catering. I highly recommend the BBQ.