Motorcycle Awareness and bringing unity to the biker community is the Mission of the BikerDown Foundation. Saturday, October 17th, Five (5) teams from the riding community gathered at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden to present their customized wheelchairs. Another phase of the day was a medical equipment drive to collect additional medical equipment that BikerDown loans out to the injured riders in the Colorado community. is the advocacy arm of the O’Sullivan Law firm one of the premier motorcycle law firms in Colorado

Sponsor Rider Justice had donated 10 standard wheelchairs to get the competition started and to ensure that all teams had the same wheelchair to work with. The teams had several months to use their creativity and get their club, ministry or groups message reflected in the wheelchair. Teams were judged on their creativity, usefulness of the wheelchair and overall presentation

1st place and People’s choice winner Soldier’s for Jesus Colorado

The 1st place winner of the competition and People’s choice winner was Soldier’s for Jesus of Colorado. Their chair showed so much creativity and was completely functional for an injured rider because the whole electric chair design came off so that the injured rider could use it.

2nd Place went to Biker’s For Justice an group that helps abused children in the Denver area

2nd place was given to Biker’s for Justice a riding group that helps abused children here in Denver. Thomas Train was their inspiration for their customized wheelchair and Fuzz, Founder of Rider Justice pulled out all the stops with steam coming out the train pipe, a track for Thomas and a bell to let everyone know that Thomas the Train is riding thru. This wheelchair is so amazing, that BikerDown has asked Biker’s for Justice to work with us to donate the chair to Children’s Hospital in Denver, so that a child in the hospital might get to enjoy Thomas.

3rd Place went to the Sober Souls, MC – Sober Souls is a motorcycle club that enjoys a sober life and helps anyone in their journey to recovery.

Sober Souls, MC – 3rd place – This was one of CRN’s favorites because every time you came to see their booth, you found something else they had done to customize this chair including but not limited to the brass nuts, and brass knuckles on the arm rests. BikerDown Foundation has had a long standing friendship with the Sober Souls, MC and we were so honored that they participated in this competition.

Christian Riders in Faith spared no expense on this candy apple red HD wheelchair

All teams were WINNERS in this event and we want to give a special mention to the Christian Riders in Faith motorcycle ministry who really got creative in their wheelchair from the leg rests to the split HD tank on the sides or the arm rest. The paint job was amazing, and I just know that they next injured riders will be rocking this beautiful red wheelchair.

420 from Valiants MC North had but 2 weeks to customize this FAST wheelchair.

Honorable Mention goes to 420 from the Valiants MC for their customized wheelchair. 420 did an outstanding job of customizing this wheelchair and while most people didn’t know this they were a last minute entry and only had 2 weeks to get their chair done. A HUGE thank you to everyone from the Valiants MC, they have over 10 years of supporting BikerDown and are 1 of the reasons that this organization exists.

After the event and awards were distributed there was a rumor between the teams that they wanted to RACE their wheelchairs around Dirty Dogs. It was finally decided that the teams would do 2 laps around the Dirty Dogs. You quickly learn how difficult it is to get around on a wheelchair, so some of the contestants got a little help from their team members.

All in all it was an amazing day and because of these teams efforts, BikerDown has 5 new cool wheelchairs to donate to injured riders. They also were able to fill their trailer with donated medical equipment including a almost brand new Electric Scooter donated by Jocelyn Cavender who contacted Home Medical Supplies in Lone Tree for the donation.