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Scott O’Sullivan, Founder of Rider Justice and The O’Sullivan Law Firm

No one needs to tell a biker how dangerous it can be on the road. Every rider can give a laundry list of close encounters without batting an eye and those who haven’t been lucky enough to avoid collisions have battle scars to tell their story.

My goal with Rider Justice, is to always focus on how to keep riders as safe as possible while celebrating the biker lifestyle that brings them joy. As a law firm, of course we are here to help riders that have been injured in an accident, but what if we could do more to be proactive? This question is always top of mind for me and my team.

So, when I met Tamara, someone who wanted to begin riding but hadn’t just yet, I knew I had a golden opportunity to help make sure this person got started on the right foot. Moreover, we developed a plan to document her journey as a way to help other new riders

Meet Tamara

I met Tamara a couple years ago as she worked in a restaurant I frequented in my neighborhood, and over time we’ve become friends. It was with great surprise when one day, she announced to me that she wanted to ride a motorcycle. After some very serious conversations filled with my best fatherly advice, she was undaunted and more determined than ever to get on 2-wheels. Knowing the potential dangers that lie ahead, I asked if she would let me guide her journey and she agreed. 

Tamara moved to Colorado from Southern California. You should also know that she has been horseback riding since she was ten years old. Her parents signed her up for riding lessons before sending her to a summer camp that had a horse program. Once she was riding, she was hooked.

That camp was in Buena Vista, Colorado and when she got into high school, Tamara began working at that same camp each summer teaching other kids how to ride. Now, with lots of years riding, and even competing with horses, she’s ready to move on to something new.

Tamara says, comparing riding a horse to what she thinks riding will be like. “It is kind of nice to be able to travel from point A to point B having the wind on you and being out in the open as opposed to riding in a car.”

Motorcycle Endorsement

First things first, Tamara needed to take a riding class. Not only would the class teach her how to ride and best practices, but she would also have a chance to actually ride a bike that she didn’t have to purchase first. 

Those who know me, know that I have a history of riding, but that I stopped after losing a friend many years ago. It doesn’t change that I miss riding a LOT! So, I took the class with Tamara, just for grins. And man, it was so fun!

We worked with Dave Tolbert who owns Motorcycle Training Academy in Aurora. He pointed out to us that excited new riders often go buy a new bike before knowing how to ride and then end up laying it down or knocking it over by accident and damaging it right away. So, in addition to waiving the DMV test by getting your endorsement in a class, a benefit of taking a class is using someone else’s bike to practice with. Moreover, they have a number of bikes for you to try. 

I’m pleased to report that on March 5, 2020, Tamara and I both passed the Basic Rider Course and got our endorsements!

Gear & The Bike

Knowing that Tamara had her eye on adventure riding as well as street riding, we brought her to work with our friends at Erico Motorsports. There, she worked with Stevie, the apparel specialist who is also a female rider and Nick who showed her all kinds of bikes.

Stevie had lots of great tips for Tamara regarding gear and how to evaluate gear for on- and off-road riding. Tamara left with a great helmet, jacket, and gloves!

Tamara had her eye on a Ducati Scrambler but she also liked the look of some of the Triumphs, too. Nick helped answer all of her questions. In the end, Tamara found the ride she’s been dreaming of: a 2018 Ducati Scrambler Café Racer. 

Follow the Journey

Even though Tamara is off to a great start, we’re not done yet! You can follow her journey by following her on Instagram, by following us on either Facebook or Instagram where we will share updates or go directly to the videos documenting her progress so far at We are continually adding new videos showing what she’s up to in her learning process.

If you have suggestions for new riders, I’d love to hear your recommendations. Call or text me at 303.388.5304 or email: