Rider safety makes an enormous leap forward with the impossible-to-ignore Screaming Banshee motorcycle horns.

Do you want to get some attention? Want to rise above the noise? Tired of the close calls from distracted drivers? Maybe you need to make some noise of your own.

Loud horns save lives!

New Zealand native and Florida resident, Peter Olt, has a deep love for performance automobiles and adventure motorcycling. The thrill of speed and freedom have taken him around the world, but he recognizes the inherent safety concerns, and knew that if he could improve safety without compromising the fun factor, he’d have a big win. With his electrical engineering background, and support from his wife and son, he developed an unparalleled system to ratchet up motorcycle safety.

Love the sound and look on my Harley

Hector, Los Angeles, California

He created a motorcycle horn unlike any other.

Founded in 2012, and based in Clearwater, Florida, the Screaming Banshee system comes in two forms: Screaming Banshee Shockwave Horn and the Mini Banshee. Both systems are attractive, simple to install, and will blend in beautifully with your machine.

If you’re looking to wake the dead, the Banshee is the loudest motorcycle horn you can buy. It does, however, have a friendly side. A tap of the horn button gives a neighborly beep much like any other horn. But if some more oomph is needed, hold the button and send a 132-decibel, two-tone shockwave out for three city blocks while the Banshee Visual Alert System (BVAS) flashes the headlight.

Don’t be fooled by the Mini Banshee’s diminutive size; it packs a surprising 126-decibel punch that will turn heads in every direction. The low tone cuts through the road noise to let everyone know you’re there, and the compact size allows it a universal fit on almost any bike.

The Banshee comes with a 1-year warranty, and the Mini comes with a 2-year warranty.

I couldn’t believe how loud it is! Fits easy on my Kawasaki

Jimmi B., North Carolina

Recently, Screamin Banshee has partnered with BikerDown Foundation to offer the Banshee with a BikerDown rate with a percentage of each order going to help injured motorcycle riders nationwide.

Screaming Banshee is a proud sponsor of BikerDown.org

General Manager Keith Kuehlewind believes that the Mission of BikerDown and Screamin Banshee are intertwined in their attempts to provide products to the motorcycle community that keep riders safe on the road

Editors comments:  Screaming Banshee provided Colorado Rider News 2 Banshee’s to install on our bikes.  I was so surprised how easy they were to install on our Harley Freewheeler and Bob’s Harley Street Glide.  We were shocked at the difference in loudness and now know that the next time we have to get a driver’s attention…. driver’s will take notice thanks to our Screamin Banshee.