By Stormy

If you live in the Denver area and ride a motorcycle, there are just a handful of women groups to join and meet other like-minded riders that share the same passion for motorcycles.  Three ladies, Sparkle, Khaos, and Xeva started Windsisters of Colorado with the desire to create a positive, warm, and welcoming group of both lady riders and honey huggers. Sparkle emphasized, “Having tried previously to be a part of a formal ladies riding group helped me see that there were not enough networking platforms in Colorado for ladies to connect.”   They originally started with a handful of lady riders and have been blessed over the last four years, as it has grown to almost 400 followers!

Finding Windsisters  

Windsisters was whispered in other ladies’ groups and soon on social media because of the fun quarterly socials and rides they were hosting and posting.  That is how I discovered Windsisters. I know Khaos pretty well for we went on a spectacular motorcycle road trip to Seattle and down the Pacific Coast back to Colorado several years ago.  She hosted a social at the Glenn Bar, and I met some awesome lady riders. It’s cool to learn that there are women riders out there from all walks of life and to hear their story on how they got into riding.  What I like about Windsisters is that they open their arms to anyone regardless of what they ride, of all makes and models of two and three-wheel motorcycles and all ability levels.

Positive Female Presence

Sparkle boasted about the Windsisters of Colorado Facebook social group page.  She continued, “This allows ladies to share experiences in the wind, tips on maintenance or riding gear and allows members to share meet-up opportunities. The goal of the group is to encourage a strong POSITIVE  female presence in the Colorado riding community.”

Although started in the Denver metro, Windsisters has now spanned across Colorado.  They encourage ladies to share events to help others know what is going on in their areas.  

Sparkle articulated, “TOGETHER we can create a beautiful environment promoting lady riders.  We are thankful for the people who have helped create the group that we have, as it takes each person to show up, be engaged, and be open to new friendships for it to continue to grow.”


They are always looking for ladies to partner and host a meetup in their area.  Their next social event will be January 18, 2020 Holiday After-Party.

If you or any lady friends you know are interested in joining, please request to join Windsisters of Colorado on Facebook