June 2nd – Tri-City Cycle (Loveland) The sport-bike community in Colorado has come together to promote safety and education for riders and drivers. We are organizing a group ride and an awareness campaign with BikerDown.org.

This group ride and our message is about awareness. Awareness of our surroundings. our distractions and the impact each of us have on other people’s lives.

We can share the road without sharing the pain by raising our level of awareness and having resources like BikerDown.org to depend on.

However, in the recent past we have seen many riders go down. Weather it’s gravel on the road or a driver not paying attention to their surroundings. Unlike car accidents most times motorcycle accidents are fatal and can cause loss of limb or even life.

Denver Bike Life, Barbie Bike Life, Circle of Squids and Colorado Street Riders has come together this year with the support of BikerDown.org to plan a ride together to raise awareness safety and education for riders and drivers. This ride will start in Loveland and head south to Colorado Springs.

We would like everyone who has a passion of two wheels to join us on this ride for awareness to promote safety. We would also like the counties to cooperate with us to promote safety and save lives.

To register for this ride, please go to www.bikerdown.org/events Every pre-registered rider is guaranteed one of our Eyes on Awareness t-shirts.