How many of you have had to have your bike towed and cringed when your insurances’ roadside assistance brought the wrong type of tow truck. Biker’s in Colorado are very fortunate to have motorcycle towing companies such as Munky Mark who owns Motorcycle Transport Specialists. Munky has long been known as Colorado’s #1 motorcycle towing company.

But what do you do when you’re on the road, heading to a rally such as Sturgis? or you are on that dream road trip cross country and breakdown?

BikerDown’s roadside membership for $35.00 per year includes motorcycle towing in our membership that is now NATIONWIDE. BikerDown has contracted with MTS, LLC to provide its BikerDown members a true Motorcycle Towing service. Don’t worry, Munky is registered with them!

We ask all riders to sign-up today before the riding season gets in full swing to join BikerDown for $35.00 per year. This membership level will ensure that if you need towing, you are covered.

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