Tell us a little bit about yourself: I go by the name Heavn. I am a native here In Colorado. I grew up around bikers, and I always knew I would be one of the women who be a part of changing the way people look at women riders.

How Long have you been riding? I have been riding my own for 8 years and ride a beautiful girl. Flat black, 103 CC’s, turquoise spokes, grenade exhaust, a sexy 2015 dyna street bob named Katana.

Do you ride in a group, club or independently? I am the president/ Founder of an all-female MC here in Denver called Rebel Queenz and I run these streets with a group of amazing women who honor, respect and have the upmost loyalty to our group and each other.

Name a place you would like to ride but haven’t been to yet? Rocky Mountains to California and then run up the California coast.

Tell us a little bit about your business and how long you have been in business: I started my own business making customized bandanas and wrist bands for women who ride B.B.B (Bad Bitch Bandanaz) has been around for about a year now and has spread across the state and keeps growing.

Name 3 things that set you apart from your competitors: You can customize your own bandana, we are local and have the best price in town for a customize bandana

Why do you think it is important that bikers support each other’s businesses? I believe bikers should support one and other, ride these streets together, educate each other. Very Important!

Lastly where can a rider get your products: Bad Bitch Bandanaz has a Facebook page. Just simply leave a detailed message and someone will get back to you within an hour. B.B.B always has already designed bandanaz for sale at any REBEL QUEENZ event in Colorado. And is now also designing wrist bands.bad bitch bandanaz