How many times have riders run Peak to Peak and stopped in the town of Nederland, to grab lunch and do some shopping?  March 9-11th the town of Nederland is celebrating Frozen Dead Guy Day.  For those who may be new to Colorado Frozen Dead Guy Day celebrates a man whom residents call “Grandpa” who lies in a cryogenically frozen state, lovingly tended to by a man who refers to himself as the Ice Man.

While this probably sounds crazy, Frozen Dead Guy Days offers a unique experience brimming with food and drink, bizarre competitions, and performances by more than 20 bands.  The Festival is free to spectators and there are some contests that there is a registration fee.

Before delving into this goldmine of oddities, it’s probably important to meet the “Frozen Dead Guy” behind the festivities. “Grandpa” Bredo Morstoel died from a heart condition after a satisfying life of skiing, fishing and hiking in the Norwegian Baerum County, where he directed parks and recreation for more than 30 years.

Ardent cryogenics enthusiasts, Grandpa Bredo’s daughter Aud Morstoel and grandson Trygve Bauge opted to have his body frozen in liquid nitrogen and moved to Nederland in 1993, where the family hoped to establish their own cryogenics facility. Though Grandpa Bredo’s final resting place — a frozen sarcophagus in a Tuff shed.  Yes, I said a Tuff shed.  Visa issues and eviction eventually sent Aud and Trygve back to Norway in the mid-90s, but the family has since enlisted Bo “Ice Man” Shaffer to make sure Grandpa Bredo’s frosty tomb is replenished with nearly a ton of dry ice each month.

The festival elects unusual methods for commemorating the town’s dearly-(kind-of)-departed honorary Grandpa.  If this totally bizarre story has yet to entice you into the dead-guy festivities, here are a few reasons and events that might you’re your interest and take a drive up to Nederland and Frozen Dead Guy Days:

All kinds of costumes are encouraged. Notable costumes from past years have included a ghastly crew of undead pirates, a herd of larger-than-life hot dogs and what appears to be mangled victims of a bear mauling.

The events really pick up on Saturday and Sunday with events such as a Pancake breakfast, Grandpa’s Mall Crawl, Brain Freeze Tent, multiple beverage themed tents and the Parade of Coffin Racers and Hearses. Viewing of Grandpa in the Tuff Shed documentary, Coffin races and lastly the Costumed Polar Plunge.  Quite truthfully there is so much going on it is hard to list them all here.

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