BikerDown Foundation is celebrating their 7th year of helping injured riders. BikerDown has grown and changed so much from the original mission statement. BikerDown now has over 5,000 members nationwide and growing every day. Our success has come at a price, the busier we are, means that riders are going down at an epidemic rate in Colorado and thru-out this country.

The success of BikerDown has come from years of interacting with injured riders and their families listening to the challenges they face.  Families fear how will they pay their rent/mortgage, rising medical bills while recovering? And the truth is, they have a right to be scared. The cost of living is on the rise and there is no such thing as a $800-dollar apartment/home in Colorado anymore. An injured rider can be facing multiple surgeries and long recovery times. Medical bills can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fundraisers are scheduled, and bikers show up and donate their 20.00 dollars and it puts a very small band aid on a much larger problem. Injured riders after that are left with months of recovery and mountains of paper work and a feeling of helplessness.

BikerDown works with families by creating strategic plans to manage their financial issues and prioritizing their fears. We assist them in getting good legal assistance to manage them thru their negotiations with insurance companies who are not your friend. BikerDown offers injured riders medical equipment and will assist families with fundraising efforts. Riders who are members of BikerDown can ask for additional financial assistance if needed.

Motorcycle awareness is so important to all riders to continue educating drivers out there to Watch for Motorcycles, but our current mission is to assist Coloradans Organized for Responsible Driving “CORD” and state legislature to change our laws in Colorado to impose higher penalties for Texting and Driving and making Mobile Devices Hands Free.

BikerDown with the help of The O’Sullivan Law Firm are sponsoring classes on Accident Scene Management on March 24th and 25th. This class is a vital learning tool on how to help an injured rider ON SCENE.

Our Membership program gives riders VALUE for their $35.00 per month.  Our membership includes the Aflac Supplemental Accident policy that gives riders cash benefits to help bridge the gap of finances that injured riders will face while recovering. The accident policy also includes $20k life insurance so in the event of a fatality so family members can focus on mourning the loss of a loved one versus having to worry how to pay for funeral expenses.

I challenge all riders to be pro-active with their riding and before you get on the bike again. Make the commitment today to call your insurance company and know what coverages you have. Price out with your agent the cost of including under-insurance and un-insured motorist coverage, find out how much it is to add medical to your policy. If you have multiple policies with your insurance company, find out about stacking your policies.

We all know the risks and the rewards of riding and accept those risks, but we also have a responsibility to our families and each other to make sure in the event of an accident that we have the coverages necessary to give us Peace of Mind so we can recover.

In the interim, BikerDown will be there to HELP INJURED RIDERS….ONE ACCIDENT AT A TIME.