Laurie Montoya

I want to welcome you to the first full issue of Colorado Rider News and hope after reading it you will enjoy a new perspective in riding in Colorado. CRN will target all aspects of riding, so whether you ride street bikes, euro bikes, dirt bikes, snowmobile or ATV/UTV’s we hope to have something of interest for you.

Biker Owned Businesses

Our focus in CRN is to feature riders who own their own businesses with our FREE directory and to feature male and female riders in monthly articles, so that readers get to know the riders who own their own businesses, utilize the services riders have to offer and keep our money within our community.  Networking of businesses is wide spread, but our riding community needs to be more organized. CRN has joined with Sherry Ramig Buchannan to create a new monthly networking group that will meet regularly to promote each other’s businesses within the network and give them more exposure to consumers who need their services.  Riders are realtors, general contractors, house cleaner, painters, landscapers, plumbers, auto and bike repair businesses and much more.

Our question is why are riders using those types of businesses outside of our network?  Because they don’t know the guy/gal they are riding with has those services to offer.  CRN will give biker owned businesses a voice and platform to get their message out thru discounts and features.


The riding community is the most charitable group of individuals this publisher has ever seen, but most charities that fill our calendars with rides each weekend don’t give back to the riding community.  CRN will feature charities that focus on our riding community and give back to the riding community in a variety of ways. There are many great charities helping bikers and CRN hopes to give them a new means of reaching their demographic.


There are reasons that riders many times do not ride outside of the area that they know? Because they don’t know the cool events, places to go or the right time of the year to go.  We want to cover amazing riding destinations that our readers might not know about and we want to help get you there.  We are working with amazing riders all over the country who will write about the areas that they live in and share with Colorado riders what is unique about their city, state or country

Government Bills and Legislation that Matter to You

It is our mission at Colorado Rider News to face the tough issues that affect the riding community.  Our riding community is facing and epidemic of fatalities and accidents at the hands of distracted driving and texting and driving.  In January, Sen. Lois Court called the Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving Act bill. CRN will attend and report back to our readers to keep you informed about issues that can have a profound effect on our riding community.

We will give riders more of what they crave: Colorado news that makes their riding experience even more enjoyable.

Let us know what’s on your mind.  Whatever you ride, Colorado Rider News wants to talk about what’s important to you. Send me an email with your suggestions: info@