Motorcycle riders have begun riding here in Colorado; we grab these few days a week to get some sun, keep the bike charged, and get some wind therapy. If you live in warmer climates, you have the pleasure of riding all year round and only not riding when it rains.

As we gear up for our riding season, BikerDown asks riders to do their riding pre-check maintenance and consider attending an Accident Scene Management class.

Motorcycle awareness comes in many forms and shapes. Motorcycles lack the protection of a car or truck, which can make riders more vulnerable in the event of an accident. Are you ready in the event of an accident? Have you had your helmet or jacket looked over? Do you have the protective gear to keep you safe?

For discussion, assume an accident involved members of your riding group. Who’d be first on the scene? Probably you. In effect, you’d be a first responder. But even if you’re not a professional first responder, like a paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), you could prevent further injury, set the Emergency Medical System (EMS) in motion, and help treat the injured until professional help arrives. With the right training, you could do this.

These ASM classes give you skills to help riders and others respond effectively to accident scenes. Accident Scene Management (ASM) classes are designed to train motorcycle riders, first responders, and anyone else who may come across an accident scene. The classes cover various topics, including assessing the scene, providing basic first aid, and managing traffic flow. ASM classes aim to increase awareness of the importance of taking action in the critical moments immediately following an accident. By learning how to manage an accident scene, individuals can help prevent further injury, reduce response times for emergency services, and potentially save lives.

If you’re looking for upcoming Accident Scene Management (ASM) classes in Colorado, check the links below to get signed up. BikerDown Colorado and RiderJustice both offer regular classes throughout the state.

We have the following upcoming classes that you can register for:

BikerDown is a non-profit organization that assists injured motorcycle riders and their families. They offer various services, including financial assistance, legal referrals, and emotional support. BikerDown has partnered with ASM for the past 12 years to bring this program to Colorado and provide training classes to motorcycle riders and other individuals who may encounter accidents on the road.

RiderJustice is a legal advocacy organization that focuses on protecting motorcyclists’ rights. They offer legal services to riders who have been involved in accidents and work to raise awareness about motorcycle safety. RiderJustice has worked with BikerDown by sponsoring these classes and making them more affordable so that more riders can get trained.

Rider Justice is always there in the event of a motorcycle accident to help you navigate recovery and get made whole, but the fact that this motorcycle attorney sponsors safety and ASM classes in the hopes that you don’t get into an accident elevates them as the best motorcycle law firm in the state of Colorado.