I was in an accident, and see all these lawyers on billboards advertising? How do you know which ones are good ones?

ANSWER:  Denver is loaded with billboards advertising personal injury attorneys.  You can’t drive down any major road in the Denver metro area without these things screaming at you with big numbers and urgent advice.  These billboards can be eye-catching and convincing, but have you ever wondered why personal injury attorneys seem to dominate the billboard advertising space?

There are a few reasons why personal injury attorneys are so aggressive with their advertising tactics.

  • Competition:  Personal injury law is a highly competitive field, with countless lawyers vying for clients.  By advertising heavily, attorneys hope to stand out from the crowd and attract more clients to their practice.
  • Brand Awareness:  In addition to standing out from the competition, personal injury lawyers also hope to build brand awareness among potential clients.  By repeatedly seeing an attorney’s face and name on billboards, bus stops, and other advertisements, potential clients are more likely to remember that attorney’s name when they need legal representation.

Why “Billboard Lawyers” May Not Be the Best Choice for YOU

While billboards can be an effective advertising tool, they do not necessarily indicate that an attorney fits your case best.  Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before hitting a “billboard lawyer.”

  • Billboard Advertising Can Be Expensive:  The cost of billboard advertising can be steep, and personal injury attorneys who spend a lot of money on advertising have more incentive to take on a lot of cases.  You may be a number to them.  Also, if a firm is taking on a lot of cases, they most likely do not have the lawyer power to work those cases as thoroughly as they should.  Often, “billboard attorneys” settle cases for a lower amount than they could get if they worked a little longer and harder.  Sometimes, the quiet little firms are the ones making the most money for their clients.
  • Billboard Advertising Does Not Indicate Legal Skill:  Just because an attorney can afford to advertise on billboards does not necessarily mean they are the BEST fit for your case.  While billboards may indicate that an attorney is successful, they do not necessarily indicate that they have the legal skill and experience needed to win your case.
  • Billboard Advertising Can Be Misleading:  Some PI attorneys may use misleading advertising tactics to attract new clients.  For example, an attorney may make unrealistic promises about the outcome of your case or exaggerate their success rate.

For more information, read www.bit.ly/billboardlaw.com 

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