According to Colorado State Patrol, the state experienced a record-high year for traffic deaths with motorcycle accidents, equating to 20% of the traffic fatalities in 2022. Now, troopers are encouraging motorcyclists to slow down, follow basic traffic rules, and always drive in a manner that allows them to maintain proper lane position and control of their bikes.

Across Colorado, 149 motorcyclists lost their lives. El Paso County had the highest number of fatalities.

El Paso County 25 deaths
Jefferson County 19 deaths
Adams County 12 deaths
Denver County 12 deaths
Arapahoe County 11 deaths

In those crashes, CSP said investigators found that speed and lane violations were the most common causal factors in these fatal collisions. When speed wasn’t listed as the causal factor, lane violations were the most common secondary contributing factor for these crashes.

“We often worry about motorists not seeing or yielding to motorcycles, and while this continues to be a valid concern, our message today is for motorcycle riders to drive as if their life depends on it,” stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol in a press release. “We know riders are more vulnerable, so it is up to you to prioritize your safety by not taking risks that can lead to a tragic death or life-changing injury. Riders of all experience levels can and do crash.”

EDITORS NOTEBikerDown Foundation and Motorcycle Rider News has always disagreed with CDOT and CSP in their statistics that the motorcycle riders is more at fault for the uptick in motorcycle accidents and fatalities.  Our statistics are quite different, and we are speaking directly to the injured riders and their families. 

  • Distracted driving in all forms is the primary reason for a high percentage of motorcycle accidents and fatalities.  Until such time as our CSP and local law enforcement start enforcing the laws already in place such as NO TEXTING and DRIVING, this problem will continue, not only for motorcycle riders, but for pedestians, bicyclists and drivers.  Organizations like CORD, Abate, BikerDown and motorcycle law firms such as Rider Justice have been unsuccessful for the past 3 years of getting cell phones out of the hands of driver when the vehicle is moving.
  • Drivers with No Insurance – Until such time as local law enforcement and CSP set up insurance check points or the Colorado DMV begins suspending driver’s licenses for drivers driving with no insurance, no accident victim will be able to recovery properly or be made whole after an accident.
  • Motorcycle Riders Insurance – Riders must begin to not only get more defensive driving training, but should also consider carrying their own additional policies such as Underinsured or UNinsured motorist coverage, MED PAY, or an accident policy to help them with medical bills, and recovery.

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