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Today Harley-Davidson hosted their world premiere of “Further. Faster.” This was the first look at just some of what Harley-Davidson has coming in 2022, from new performance-focused additions to our cruiser and touring lineup, to the dialed-up premium details in their latest CVO family, and the latest accessories, apparel, and events including Harley’s commitment to the Bagger Racing.

Being a rider from Colorado with snow on the ground, the video was exceptionally done to explain to those that don’t ride….WHY WE RIDE! As I watched the video, it inspired me to want to plan my next BIG ride and to my friends and family that don’t understand the biker lifestyle to encourage them to watch and all would be explained.

As the President and Founder of BikerDown Foundation, the video shows like Nascar, that we are all UNITED WHEN WE RIDE, and that we are all equal. In today’s society, that is hard to explain that motorcycle riding was uniting perfect strangers, long before many tag lines presented themselves. A motorcycle rider doesn’t care what race, color or creed you are, we only care THAT YOU LOVE TO RIDE!

The video then reflects on the challenges we all faced in 2020-2021 and how that Freedom of the Ride during a pandemic gave us all a sense of normal that many are still struggling with going into 2022. Again, the 1 thing that unites our motorcycle community, always and forever, is that Freedom motorcycle riding gives to each and every one of us.

There were some new products that came out in 2021, including the New Revolution Max Train engine, the Pan America touring bike that won touring bike of the year, the Sportster S series and the much anticipated Electra Glide Revival bike.

Harley-Davidson also entered into the much anticipated King of the Baggers racing series and their sponsorship of the Wyman brother, Kyle and Travis Wyman. Travis raced a factory-prepared HD Road Glides. If you haven’t watched the King of the Baggers series, click here to watch bagger racing at MotoAmerica. Bagger racing is here to stay and those with the itch can find racing track sessions, and other like minded riders who want to give bagger racing a try.

120th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson all started with the Heritage in 1903

The 120th anniversary of Harley-Davidson is coming in the summer of 2023 and Harley-Davidson will be hosting a 120th anniversary tour and contest where riders have a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to the anniversary celebration in 2023, so stay tuned for

Stay tuned for more exciting new product launches in the coming months. ​ Take an up-close look at the new products featured today at ➡️

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