By Laurie Montoya, Publisher Motorcycle Rider News

The small town of Mancos, Colorado, with a population of 1454 residents, is a quiet little Colorado town that most people drive-thru on their way to somewhere else, but this past week, the roar of motorcycles could be heard in all directions. The local’s eyes were fixed on all the bikers that could be seen at the local restaurant or gas station. Then the rider would take off their helmet, and to their surprise, it was women riders.

The In-Cahoots Moto Community was hosting the SWQ3 Ladies Retreat at the Echo Basin RV/Camp with women riders from all over the country, but as far away as Canada, Michigan, and Texas.

This is the 3rd year this Ride…Camp….Repeat event and has been hosted by Brydie Clark and her InCahoots riding community, and this event did not disappoint. As a female rider, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived for my 1st ladies’ camping retreat. I was super excited to take my new RV out for a spin, ride the Million Dollar Highway, and get a chance to meet women riders that I was friends with on Facebook.

I realized the first night that this was so much more than an incredible ride or meeting some lady riders. This retreat was about empowering each other, getting to know and learn from the older generation of women riders who for years were riding all over this country with other women…..long before there were groups, clubs, and women organizations. Some old-school women riders had hundreds of thousands of miles under their belt and pulled in on their bikes with all they needed for a weekend retreat. They had a pop-up tent and everything on their bike so methodically packed that they had all the necessary conveniences and created quite a mobile camp.

Thursday, June 9th, was the first night that most of the ladies arrived, and once camp was set up, the ladies let the games and networking begin. Brydie and her volunteers served cold beverages, hot burgers, and dogs until they were gone. It was a pleasure to see how many women riders knew each other and were returning riders. Our guest speaker for Thursday night was Brandi Moya, founder and organizer of Sin City Moto Girls. Brandi’s topic of discussion was empowering new women riders to feel comfortable with their ride and to ask for help or mentorship until they felt comfortable taking road trips. Sin City Moto Girls have long been known in the Las Vegas community for their humanitarian efforts to the community, empowerment of other women riders, and supporting other riding groups and clubs with their charitable events.

Friday, June 10th, breakfast was served by the Bling Devas, MC from Las Vegas, Nevada, and let me say these women knew how to cook quickly and make sure the pancakes were hot and fresh. It was a beautiful Colorado morning, and you could tell the ladies were ready to go to all the planned events.

Our group rode down to Durango to experience the natural hot springs and spa day. Many other women took on the infamous Million Dollar Highway or Mesa Verde National Park to see the over 600 cliff dwellings. Some just relaxed at camp to regroup after their long ride to Mancos, Colorado.

Our speaker was Shannon “Dazzlin” Venturo, President and Founder of the Bling Devas, MC out of Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday night. Dazzlin’s evening topic was women interested in being in a motorcycle club and what it entails. Her ladies’ motorcycle club is well-respected in a predominately male-riding environment. That respect has come from years of hard work, understanding what is required, and being a women’s club that rides and supports the community and other clubs.

I spoke with Shannon after her presentation, and she said, “It was such a pleasure to speak to women riders about how I founded Bling Devas MC sisterhood. More importantly, women seek fierce lady friendships built on trust and respect. Mean girl stuff is so out of style. Uplifting, reaching back, each one brings one, each one teaches one is where it’s all at now.”

Saturday, June 11th, Windsisters of Colorado took on Saturday morning breakfast didn’t’ disappoint and made Colorado proud. Their presentation was more like a brunch, with a little bit of everything being served: breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, fruits, juices, and hot coffee.

Durango Harley-Davidson sponsored a complete BBQ at the dealership from 12-2 pm, hosted by Rider Justice and the Durango HD team.

Our guest speaker for Saturday evening was renowned Mamma D. Diamond, who has ridden all over this country and fundraised and awareness for heart disease and pediatric cancer. Momma D has lived many lives. She’s toured in show bands and rock and roll bands across the country. Now, she can add history-making motorcyclist author and motivational speaker to the list.

The week’s finale was the costume party and best costume contest for groups and single riders. You could tell by the diversity that these women had come to win and were prepared to compete. We laughed, danced, and just bonded together. It was just the perfect way to end the event. So many of us were sad that the event had come to an end.

As a first-timer, I will most definitely be saving the date for 2023 and looking forward to seeing my new friends. For more information on this event, please visit their website by clicking here There were so many great memories of this event that it couldn’t be captured in a few. See YOU NEXT YEAR!