Laurie Montoya, Editor, and Publisher

We Must Never Forget 9/11

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001.   I know that most of us can remember exactly where we were on that day and how they frantically rushed home to be with their families to ensure that we were all together, as none of us knew what the future held.

Everything changed on 9/11, and it made us understand that there will always be evil in this world and that we must fight that fight abroad and not in our country. It was a time in our country where we all flew a flag on our homes, cars/trucks, and for a very short time, it was us against evil.  

For 20 years, our country hasn’t had an attack of that magnitude, and it seems that pride in our country has faded.  We spend more time arguing and being divided than we do, being proud to be American.  There is a reason that millions flock to the United States every year because whether you agree with the government or your neighbor, you have a right to express your opinion and voice against your government.

Motorcycle Rider News wanted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this devastating attack and loss with remembrance photographs and a timeline to remind us of the sacrifices that so many made and the lives lost.   We have also created a collage of Nevada soldiers who served our great nation in fighting for Freedom.

In Las Vegas, our biker community annually honors these lives lost in rides and personal remembrance.  There are several events on September 11th, and if you don’t want an organized ride, suggestions on places to stop and pay your respects.

  • Las Vegas Harley Davidson will be hosting The Nation of Patriots ride from 11 am to 2 pm with a day of live music, guest speaks, and much much more. 
  • Hogs & Heifers will be hosting a memorial ride for Dr. Michael Everett Brown presented by professional firefighters of Nevada – 11 am
  • Leatherneck Club – officially, Leatherneck hasn’t published an event, but given the current circumstances in Afghanistan, take a few moments to stop by on September 11th and pay respect to the many veterans and marines lost over the 20 years.
  • American Legion Post 8 – Post 8 has always been there for our veterans and active military and their families.  There is no official event planned, but everyone is welcome at Post 8 and If you are looking for a place to go, stop by Post 8, 733 Veterans Memorial Drive, Las Vegas 89101

To those overseas actively trying to rescue US citizens caught in Afghanistan, please know that we will never forget the lives lost of hope and healing, remembrance and reflection, honoring the heroes, victims, and resilient spirit of everyone affected by 9/11.

Please ride safe out there!

Laurie Montoya


Motorcycle Rider News