The Knucklehead Tavern in Colorado Springs has posted that our beloved biker bar and an establishment that has been in existence for a very long time is being asked to EXCLUDE and DENY ENTRY of all motorcycle clubs. At the time of this posting, MRN hasn’t had a chance to interview the owner Dale. However, we feel that this topic is so important that we got the permission of the owner to copy and paste their post in their exact words.

For years, our biker community has been continually profiled and bar owners and any owned business should have the right to serve their customers without intimidation, pressure, or threats of losing their liquor license because a person or entity shares a different set of values. This Editor and Publisher have attended and witnessed the Knucklehead Tavern step up and host charity rides, the Toy Run, and help the Colorado Springs community and do almost anything they can do to help. We must stand with this bar owner and make this go viral.

Here is the Facebook post from Dale

I wanted to speak directly to you today, to let you know what is going on with the bar. In the last 2 months. We have been facing something we never expected; the Department of Defense (Army) has been trying to blacklist us because we are a biker bar. They are saying that because we will not discriminate against people that are associated with motorcycle clubs, they will not allow active military members to socialize in our bar. As you know, our patrons come from all walks of life and each one of us are individuals. The military is asking us to forbid the entry of many of our friends because they are associated with motorcycle clubs. In addition, they are insisting that we take down all signs and stickers associated with bike clubs inside the bar and insist we do not post anything to do with bikers on our Facebook. We feel that each person is an individual, and that each person has freedom of association, as is guaranteed in our constitution. We have been a Color friendly bar since we opened many years ago and we are going to stay that way. Our goal has always been to be a biker bar that is family and neighborhood friendly. We believe each one of you contributes to this and we continue to welcome you. Dale Simpson Knucklehead Tavern

Editor’s note: Motorcycle Rider News will be in touch with the Colorado Confederations of Clubs and motorcycle law firm to see if there is anything that they can do to help. For More Information, please visit Knuckleheads Facebook Page