As we travel into the holidays, it has been a riding season filled with highs and lows.  One of the highs is that in Colorado, we went back to some of the normal we never realized we took for granted such as going to concerts, sporting events, and our beloved biker bars.  We still have some of the most remarkable motorcycle riding and rides in the country.  As I travel all over America, one thing that always brings me home to Colorado is just how majestic and beautiful our state is.   Riders saw many of our events and rallies came back such as Four Corners and Freedom Fest.  The lows are that our community and nationwide are facing shortages of goods, rising inflation, soaring gas prices, with the holidays less than a few weeks away.  Another low I must mention, is that the biker community has lost too many riders to distracted driving and we are breaking records every year with the number of motorcycle accidents.

Colorado Rider News will be celebrating our 3-year anniversary of publishing in December 2018 when we launched our first issue at the Children’s Hospital Toy Run.  We continue to listen to the power sports industry, and riders to cover things that you want to read about.  CRN has expanded another publication called Motorcycle Rider News, a more national publication to increase our reach with the motorcycle community.

Children’s Hospital Toy Run

Speaking of the Toy Run, it is back for 2021.  Children’s Hospital and Mile-High Harley with the help of Rocky Mountain HD is working with volunteers and dealerships to make sure the event goes off without a hitch and that riders have the traditions they expect, as well as all the updates on things that have changed.  Registration will be online this year, and Mile-High HD will be hosting the official after-party for the event.  Take a moment to read about the Toy Run in more detail in this issue.

Dirty Dogs Roadhouse Christmas Shop N Swap

It would not be the holidays without the Dirty Dogs Christmas Shop & Swap, this time-honored tradition gives those biker vendors and last-minute gift buyers a day to purchase gifts from vendors they would not normally see until the Colorado Motorcycle Expo.  This event is also a time to spend a fun day with friends before the holidays send us off to our families for the holidays. So, take a moment to check out the flyer and save the date.

Motorcycle Safety and Awareness is always in the minds of every rider.  The weather is holding in November and December is predicted to be a light month for snow.  We must as riders remember that the weather at higher elevations, or in the morning before the sun comes out can have black ice or frost.  Please consider wearing some additional safety gear this fall or winter to keep you a little safer in the event of an accident. 

We wish all riders and readers of this publication a Happy Thanksgiving and a very blessed Merry Christmas.  We welcome your comments and thoughts on what CRN can do better in the future and enjoy the ride!

Please ride safe out there!

Laurie Montoya


Colorado Rider News