By Executive Director

BikerDown Foundation has been assisting motorcycle riders who have been injured in an accident in Denver, Colorado, for over 11years.  Founded in 2010, this organization started with 6 motorcycle riders at the Platte Bar and Grill on Sante Fe with only 1 mission. How do we help injured riders at home?

It is clear that none of us knew what we were in for and how many injured riders would seek the assistance of BikerDown Colorado.  You see, back then, riders only heard of their friends who went down in their groups.  Remember the days of Biker-or-Not?  Facebook at that time was not as popular as it is today.  If you want to know what is going on in our biker community, all you need to do is turn on your phone or computer.  Any event or cause is publishing an overwhelming amount of information, and it is just a swipe or clicks away.

BD Florida 1st Introduction Dinner

Social media quickly elevated BikerDown Colorado as a resource of assistance, and in our 1st year, we helped about 27 riders with their recovery.  Over the years, BikerDown has grown with demand and now provides medical equipment, fundraising thru our BDFundme, and a variety of resources and financial management to help get that injured rider thru the most challenging times in their life.  In 2020, BikerDown Colorado helped 58 Colorado motorcycle fatalities and over 200 accidents.

Fast forward today, BikerDown has chapters in Colorado (National), Arizona, Las Vegas.  In November, BikerDown launched a Florida chapter in the Ft. Meyers area and hosted their first introduction dinner to give leaders in the biker community information as to How We Can Help Bikers Better NATIONWIDE!

Expansion is a necessary step to help riders on a more national level.  Currently, BikerDown receives 3-5 help requests on our website from riders outside of our chapter states, injured riders desperately looking for assistance and resources to help them thru recovery.

BikerDown Florida will be sponsored by the Sunshine State Biker Lawyers and the law firm of Carmen Dellutri out of Ft. Meyers, Florida. After visiting with Carmen and Casey Byrus, his marketing manager, it was clear from day 1, that this firm truly cares about injured motorcycle riders. They also bring additional assistance to the biker community, such as probate/living will document, bankruptcy, and a full legal staff to help our biker community with any needs they may have.

Colorado Riders supporting BikerDown in their Annual Look Twice Save a Life Ride

All of this would have never happened with Colorado riders who donated and assisted BikerDown to reach this level.  Our Board and members should be proud of what you have helped create for injured riders all over the country.  BikerDown didn’t invent the concept of helping injured riders, but we have the BEST program and resources that give injured riders hope and a sense that they are not alone thru their recovery.