By Laurie Montoya

In October 2019, our community lost our friend Munky at the hands of a murderer named Alberto Calcurian. The loss to our community resulted in one of Denver’s most significant celebrations of life in recent memory.

For Munky’s family and friends, this started the beginning of the criminal aspect of Munky’s death, and 2 years later, those family members and friends still have no justice. Calcurian’s legal counsel pleaded that his client wasn’t mentally capable of standing trial, and after a mental health exam, he was committed to some mental facility, and to date, there has been no update since February 2020

Munky’s children received almost nothing from his estate that could ever replace their father, everything that they held valuable was taken from them that day, and that was their father.  I am happy to report that Munkys 2nd love was his motorcycles, and his beloved bike can and will always be at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden, where it will be a constant reminder of a friend take from us all too soon.

That was the beauty of Munky, he lived life by his own rules, and no one defined who he was. He only cared that a biker was on the side of the road. Whether you were an independent rider, sportbike, Harley, group, or club, Munky would always be there to get you & your bike safely off the road.

On the 16th, at the 4th anniversary of Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, Colorado Rider News will be giving out candles to light and remember our friend Munky Mark. We encourage everyone to bring a photo, and let’s honor our friend with a drink and solo salute in the air.  Munky, I am sure you will be watching!