By: Becki Bradley

September 18th was clear and warm as bikes arrived by the dozen at Takoda Tavern in Parker. Colorado Wounded Vet Run was underway. Veterans and their supporters came out to show support with their bikes, voices, and money. The 7th Annual CWVR event was underway, and the number of bikes far exceeded the previous years. It’s estimated that there were over 135 registrants for this year’s ride.  This annual event drew veteran motorcycle groups and  clubs, including but not limited to Veterans MC, Eagle Riders, Combat Vets, American Legion Riders, Marine MC, and many other

CWVR is a nonprofit organization that works year-round to raise funds for chosen honorees. Each year honorees are selected from Colorado veterans that people in the community nominate. Once selected, the board puts on fundraisers and volunteers at biker events for donations. Get Your Bike Off was held at Dirty Dogs and included vendors, an auction, and a 50/50 raffle. Serving beer at events is also a way the CWVR volunteers use to raise funds as well.

All the time and energy put into the fundraiser culminate with the actual bike run and this year’s proved great results. The Run itself is a parade route with the honorees following the flag jeep, each being chauffeured in their vehicle, making a small procession followed by so many supporting riders. The route down Hess and over to 105 in Sedalia is always a beautiful ride and anyone on the road that day knew something was going on. People honking, waving, and taking videos were all along the route that led to Highway 83 and north to The Stagecoach as the parade destination.

The ceremony is solemn and emotional. Bagpipes and the National Anthem set the tone for the day and hearing the honorees’ stories in their own words bring home what has happened in their soldier lives. It gives the bystander a glimpse into their journey from home to war and returning from the field of battle wounded. Being a part of this allows veterans and supporters alike to show a bit of appreciation and, in some cases, a proper welcome home.