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Creative Souls is an independent business that’s focus is creating good custom quality art.  It ranges from many areas. Creating custom designs,  business logos and being able to transform them into custom hoodies,  T-shirts , decals, home decor and different forms of glass etched and engraved work.  We take pride in our work and find great joy collaborating ideas with our clients to create a one-of-a-kind item.

Jade Angelina 24, and Christian Lopez 26. We decided to make doors opened for ourselves.  Both of us were raised in the Denver Metro area coming from similar backgrounds, broken homes with little to no opportunity. We both were young and damaged souls trying to find our way as we tried to pick up the broken pieces along the way. Even though we had not met yet little did we know that we had so much in common.  Throughout our separate journeys in life, we found creativity and art to be our escape. With young minds,  broken souls, and aspirations to live a life filled with joy and happiness, taking on life together and within each other we decided to take a chance.  Creative Souls was born.  To be alongside your partner in life and being able to share what very few may understand is life itself.  Bringing joy to others through our creativity brings us joy.

Honorably but sadly, we can make memorial hoodies, t-shirts, and decals for fallen riders and their families. We had the opportunity to work with Biker Down Colorado to provide a design that can be made in many forms to raise awareness about driver’s safety concerning motorcyclists. We are honored to be a part of this month’s issue and look forward to working with any returning or new clients.  On behalf of Creative Souls thank you for the continuous love and support. Rubber side down.