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By: Belt Drive Betty

Across Canada and across the province I live in, Alberta we are pretty much sick to death of COVID 19 and any discussion or rules around it.

  • Everyone has cabin fear on steroids.
  • Everyone is planning on doing SOMETHING this year international borders open or not.

The rise in the number of groups on Facebook and Instagram centered around travel and tourism whether on motorcycles or in hot rods bares out what I say.

The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association is planning an economic rebound event called Rumble Alberta.

  • It has 44 on road touring routes, 12 off road – on road routes. 
  • Each route offers specials, discounts, swag, the chance to earn points to win prizes.

They all feature a variety of challenges like selfies, geo-caches, scavenger hunts and more.

In total we touch over 400 RURAL communities and have hundreds of partnerships forming.

Every rider and driver who buys an event pass is invited to choose a charity or non-profit of their choice from our list of guided giving opportunities. We are supporting The Aboriginal Friendship Centres, Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch, Search and Rescue Alberta, Rural Ride for Dad and more.

So many people think that rural Alberta has little to offer, in fact, it has so much to do and see and discover that a route that normally takes 4 hours to drive can become an 8-to-12-hour exploration journey!

Our caption is “See Alberta Through the Eyes of a Tourist”.

There are some interesting and quirky things to see all over Alberta, let us help you find them!