It is reported that over 11,000 people attended this Rally

Whether you are FOR or AGAINST President Donald Trump, you cannot deny his support from the biker community or residents in the State of Colorado.

A long line of vehicles waving American flags and flags in support of President Donald Trump gathered Sunday morning at Bandimere Speedway for a “MAGA Drag” caravan around the Denver metro area.

Drivers, bikers and anything on wheels showed up at Bandimere Speedway to line up for the parade which started at Bandimere Speedway, then proceeded Eastbound on C-470 to Interstate 25, Northbound on I-25 to Interstate 70 and finally went Westbound on I-70 to Golden

The endpoint was planned to be the Dirty Dogs Roadhouse at 17999 W. Colfax Ave. in Golden, and quickly it was clear there wasn’t enough parking to accommodate all the vehicles. So the drivers line the side roads as far as the eye could see .

A website for the national event says the purpose was to organize rolling flag parade caravans, circling highways in a “big ol’ heap of old-fashioned American patriotism.”