Laurie Montoya, Publisher

We all knew that the COVID-19 situation was serious, but it wasn’t until our Colorado government shut down dine-in restaurants and bars that we saw the potential for small business to severely suffer. This sudden enforcement of the social distancing directives was immediately crippling to the places we bikers love to relax after a ride with friends.

Our Colorado Riders Care team knew that we needed to find ways to support these businesses if we wanted them to be here when the dine-in bans were lifted. It was clear to us that many want to help – but how?

Helping a neighbor

Certainly, encouraging people to order take-out and delivery from their favorite biker bar was a start.

But to take it one step further, we needed to connect people who needed help with those wanting to help. So, we created the #2Wheels4Meals campaign. In short, we have created a system where anyone can donate a meal to someone in need through their participating restaurant of choice, which creates immediate income for that restaurant, and a place where people who are in need can get fed.

Immediate Participation

We reached out to local biker owned bar/restaurants in different locations throughout the Denver metro area, to find out how they were adapting to keep the doors open.

These businesses are:

We have asked these businesses to implement our #2Wheels4Meal donation program and have them available to customers who come in to grab a meal to-go and ask them to purchase one voucher/sheet to pay-it-forward to someone who might not be able to afford a hot meal.

This past Sunday, I went to Dirty Dogs Roadhouse to visit Mark and Rob and to see how Dirty Dogs was diversifying since the shutdown. #2Wheels4meals launched at there with $400 in food donation vouchers with each of the following businesses donating $100 in vouchers:

If you need a hot meal and just need a random act of kindness, there are meal vouchers up there.

If you have a biker owned business and would like to be added to our Colorado Rider Cares directory, please do so here.

We are a riding community family made up of many bikers owned businesses – both small and large – and we will get thru this TOGETHER.