By: Renee “Belt Drive Betty” Charbonneau

Spring, you can feel it, it is trying so hard to break free from the white cold fingers of winter.

Here in Northern Alberta, it’s been a long, cold, uncomfortable winter. There have been a couple of bright spots though. In January I took in the Edmonton Motorcycle Show as an exhibitor with a booth representing the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, Grande Prairie Regional Tourism and the presenting sponsor for the CMTA – White Knights Injury Law Team of Braithwaite and Boyle Accident Injury Law. And in February I took in the World of Wheels, again as an exhibitor, promoting our Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, our presenting sponsor and Grande Prairie Regional Tourism.

Why is an injury lawyer sponsoring a motorcycle tourism association? Well Ken Braithwaite is an avid motorcyclist himself and he was involved in an out of country motorcycle crash. And so he gets it. He understands the need to ride and the fears, the challenges and frustrations felt by a rider who is injured. If you were injured here in Canada you want to know that there is someone who can help you, guide you and put you on the right path, who can partner with your attorney in the US if needed. Ken Braithwaite and the White Knights Injury Law Team are here to serve you in your time of need. They do nothing but Injury Law and can serve you in Alberta, British COlumbia, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

If you intend to ride to Alaska like most red blooded Americans who ride do, it’s good to know who to reach out to. And hopefully, like packing rain gear, now that you know there is good a rider attorney who can help you if you are injured, you won’t need him and his team.

The CMTA has begun creating partnerships with all sorts of Canadian Influencers in the Motorcycle Travel and Tourism Industry and we have tour providers on both coasts and a few in between that we are now connected to. Tammy Kidd of Canadian Xtreme Adventures can help transform your trip to Alaska (a trip of a lifetime) into your trip through Western Canada to Alaska, (an EPIC trip of a lifetime!)

If you are planning a trip through Canada on your way to Alaska let us help you find the best resources to take advantage of! We have folks in the Kawarthas of Ontario, who can help you eat your way through the countryside, and on the East Coast, the Cabot Trail Biker can help you see Cape Breton in ways you never thought possible!

The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, Powered by White Knights Injury Law Team, here to help inspire you to take more road trips!