Laurie Montoya, Publisher

I am not sure if summer has really come yet, last week there was 2 feet of snow in the mountains, and it appeared that our April showers were just hitting us in June.  This has been a crazy spring and filled with its share of weather interruptions.

As many of us begin to plan our road trips and vacations, it hit me that Sturgis was just around the corner.  It will be the 79th Sturgis Rally and many Colorado riders will go this year, just to stay away from the organized chaos that is Rally on an anniversary year.  According to the data I found, on the 75th Rally, there was over 750,000 riders that rode into Sturgis, and with that kind of crowd, comes many more opportunities for things to go wrong.

Most Colorado HD riders have done Sturgis and know what to expect, but the diversity that is now Sturgis every year brings more and more different manufacturers and a new diverse crowd of riders to our once predominately Harley based event.  Women riders are growing in record numbers and venturing out on road trips on their own and Sturgis is always on their bucket list.  Colorado riders that may have never been to South Dakota will want to check out our Pre-Sturgis checklist and hopefully will be prepared and ready for a great week of Rally.

Dirty Dogs Roadhouse – Sturgis South Dakota

Colorado riders who head out to Sturgis are one of the lucky ones to have their own biker bar in downtown Sturgis.  Mark and Rob from Dirty Dogs Roadhouse are ready for their 2nd year at Rally.  What I love about having our own biker bar up there, is seeing all my Colorado friends in one spot.  Dirty Dogs is home to many of us here in Denver, and if you need to meet up with anyone, Dirty Dogs in Sturgis is where to go.  It is centrally located but a block away from most of the traffic of main street and what does that mean for you?  It is easier to get in/out of town and parking is more accessible to meet friends for a day of riding.  Plus, who doesn’t want to walk into a Sturgis bar and have the owners greet you and say how happy they are to see you.

BikerDown as always will be there to help any of our Colorado riders, and I ask everyone headed up this year, to consider joining our BikerDown Roadside $35.00 per year membership with motorcycle towing.  If you need a tow, make sure that a motorcycle towing company comes to pick up your baby.  Most riders will be shocked with what your regular insurance company considers roadside towing.  BikerDown has partnered with MTS and all riders with our membership will have NATIONWIDE towing and up to 2 motorcycle tows up to $150.00 each.  In the event of a breakdown that 35. per year can really be worth the investment and is an extra piece of mind to have when you are far away from home.

What does it mean to be a part of American Legion?

Last month I devoted a good portion of the magazine to military groups and clubs to honor them for their service to our country and community.  I ran out of space for this American Legion feature, so I hope you will take a moment to read about the progressive growth and direction American Legion and the American Legion Riders are taking.  They do a tremendous amount of charity work for our veterans and community and I wanted to honor them for the sacrifice and humanitarian efforts for our veterans.

Please ride safe out there!